Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

The first step to planning a teen birthday party is to consult with your teen—they probably have a lot of party ideas of their own to contribute! It can be helpful to offer up a number of party activities and party places that you think they may be interested in to help narrow the focus. Some fun teen birthday party ideas include:

1. Go-Kart Racing

Most teens dream of the day they get their license. With Go-Kart racing, you can indulge their desire to drive and amp it up with a competitive race. Many indoor karting venues offer group or party options, and some have party rooms available.

Go-Kart Racing
Image: K1 Speed

2. Bubble Soccer

Take to the field in this fun variation of soccer in which players are encased in inflatable plastic bubbles. Bumping, crashing, and rolling are the norm as each team tries to score a goal with hilarious results. Bubble football and other variations are also available.

Bubble Soccer

3. Indoor Skydiving

For the adventure-lover, indoor skydiving offers an exciting opportunity to experience flying, no airplane required. Strapping on flight gear and a helmet, participants enter a wind tunnel that floats them into the air, allowing them to experience the sensation of sky diving with no parachute or training necessary.

Indoor Skydiving
Image: iFLY

4. Game Truck

Give your teen the gaming party he's always wanted with a video game truck rental. These gaming trucks arrive complete with couches, large screen TVs, gaming consoles, and a full library of video games. From old favorites to new discoveries, your teen and his friends are sure to find games they love on the most popular consoles.

5. Roller Skating or Ice Skating

Ice skating and roller skating rinks are ideal for parties, offering music, fun lighting, party rooms, and lots of opportunities for fun. Teens enjoy zooming around the rink with friends, trying tricks, and showing off. Many rinks offer private rentals, including your choice of music, while others have full party packages.

Ice Skating

6. Horseback Riding

If your teen is a horse-lover, why not host a horseback riding party? No longer limited to going around in circles on a pony, teens can take their horses out on trails and explore before meeting back at the barn for party snacks and birthday cake.

7. Trampoline Park

While most inflatable bouncy houses are limited to younger children, indoor trampoline parks have great party packages for teens as well. Trampoline parks offer kids the ability to jump higher with more options and freedom than a jump house provides.

Trampoline Park
Image: House of Air

8. Pool Party

Children of all ages love swimming, making it a great option for a teen birthday party. Whether you rent a facility, go to the local water park, or host it in your backyard pool, teens can splash with their friends, play water games, and have a great time.

9. Makeovers and Photo Shoot

Just as little girls love to play dress up, teens often enjoy trying a new look. With photo studios that specialize in makeovers, teens can have fun with their friends experimenting with new hairstyles, makeup, and more, with photos to capture all the memories. For an at-home experience, photo booth rentals are available so teens can mix and match styles and take fun photos all night long.

10. Bonfire

Whether in the backyard or at the beach, a bonfire is a fun way to celebrate. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows, sing songs, and tell stories for a fun evening with friends. You could also turn the bonfire into a clambake or luau party if your teen prefers.

11. Laser Tag / Paintball

Laser tag is a popular party activity among teenagers. It offers the opportunity for teens to split into groups and tag the opposing team and track scores. Paintball is an active adventure, with a wide variety of games that boys and girls can enjoy. Laser tag and paintball are both exciting party games.

Image: Paintball USA

12. Indoor Rock-Climbing

Climbing gyms allow teens to try their hand at rock climbing, with courses suitable for beginners as well as more advanced climbers. With safety gear and trained instructors on-hand, a rock-climbing party is a safe and exciting party option. Let teens race to the top or climb at their own pace, with a variety of party packages available.

13. Mini-Golf

No longer just a family-friendly summer activity, mini-golf can be a fun party option for teens. With challenging courses, hilarious mistakes, and lots of laughs, teens can play competitively or just for fun. Some venues offer indoor mini-golf options, so weather is no obstacle.

Image: Urban Putt

14. The Movies

If your teen loves going to the movies, why not host his next party at the theater? Many theaters rent out space for a private screening of the movie of your choice, allowing teens to relax and enjoy a movie with their friends. For the movie buff who prefers to stay home, outdoor movie rentals with large screens can be set up in the backyard for a "drive-in" experience.

15. Cosmic Bowling

While bowling is a great activity for any age, teens often enjoy the experience of cosmic bowling (sometimes called atomic bowling). On weekend evenings, many bowling alleys turn on music and black lights for a glow in the dark party atmosphere. Some entertainment centers also offer indoor black-lit miniature golf, arcade games, air hockey table or other attractions to boost the fun.

Cosmic Bowling