Tea Party Ideas

It’s tea time! Whether you want a classical affair fit for a princess or a garden-themed event, a tea party birthday is sure to delight your special birthday girl. Filled with dress-up fun, finger foods, and creative crafts, a tea party birthday party will have all the guests begging for more.

Birthday Party Ideas - Tea Party

Tea Party Invitations

When inviting guests to your tea party, you’ll want to include all the typical information, such as time, date, and location. Because tea parties typically involve dressing up, you should also include suggestions for wardrobe. Do you want them to wear pretty dresses or dress-up clothes, or will you provide dress-up materials for them? Letting your guests know this ahead of time will help set the tone for your party. You may want to invite your guests to bring a special doll or stuffed friend as well.

Using a shaped birthday invitation, such as a teapot, teacup, or tea bag is a fun way to let your guests know. Phrases like “Brew up some fun,” and “tea time” will also help get guests in the spirit. Wrap party invitations in doilies instead of envelopes for a lacy touch.

Tea Party Invitations

Tea Party Decorations

Decorating for your tea party should focus on evoking an elegant feel. Pastel colors such as pink, purple, and yellow are classic choices for your party. Use paper doilies as an added touch at each place setting. If you want a garden tea party, make sure to use plenty of fresh or artificial flowers. You can place them in traditional vases, or use tea pots instead. Butterflies are another nice décor item for a garden-themed tea party.

Instead of balloons, large paper flowers and paper lanterns are pretty hanging from the ceiling. If you want to do balloons, consider making glitter balloons by dipping the inflated balloons in glue and glitter. Covering the chairs with pastel chair covers and tying a bow around them will make each guest feel like royalty when they arrive at the table.

Tea Party Decorations

Tea Party Activities

Fancy hats and fascinators are a staple at a tea party. A fun activity to start the party with is a create-your-own hat station. Lay out a supply of headbands, hats, flowers, bows, and other decorations and let each guest create her own headwear for the party. Some other fun tea party activities include:

  • Creating jewelry out of candy, cereal, pasta, or other items.
  • Having a dress-up party for dolls with plenty of pre-made clothing as well as felt, fabric scraps, and ribbons.
  • Decorate flower pots and plant seeds to take home and watch grow.
Tea Party Activities

Tea Party Games

Playing games at your tea party is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Some fun tea-party themed games you can play are:

  • Musical Dress-up: Fill a bag with dress-up clothes and accessories. Have the children pass it around while music plays, and when the music stops the person holding the bag must reach in, pull out the first item they touch, and put it on. The results are hilarious, so have your camera ready!
  • Tea Pot Toss: Create a series of “tea pots” out of plastic flower pots by attaching a cardboard handle and spout. Attach strings to bean bags to create “tea bags.” Set the pots up, and assign a point value to each. Let each child take a turn tossing the tea bags into the tea pots and see who can score the most.
  • Etiquette Race: Tea parties are for sophisticated ladies who act in an elegant manner, so have the guests prove themselves by running in the Etiquette Race. Set up challenges for them such as walking with a book on their heads, filling cups from a pitcher with pinkies up, and curtsying and twirling around obstacles. With manners like these, the girls will be mistaken for royalty!

Tea Party Food and Drinks

Tea party foods are all about simple sandwiches, finger foods, and beautiful presentations. Make a variety of small sandwiches including cucumber and cream cheese, butter and herbs, and classic peanut butter and jelly. Trim off the crusts, or use cookie cutters to cut flowers and other fun shapes, then stack them on a tiered tray. You can even make colored bread for an extra special touch. Some other great presentation ideas for your tea party are:

  • Cut the top off a watermelon and hollow it out. Cut off two arcs to use as a spout and handle, and save the top for a lid. Fill the watermelon with melon balls and berries, and then attach the other pieces to create a tea pot fruit salad.
  • Use a tea bag cookie cutter to make sugar or shortbread cookies. Cut a small hole in each before baking, and then thread a piece of string through this later to make delicious tea bags.
  • Make tea cup cookies using round cookies, ice cream cones with the bottom cut off, a pretzel piece for the handle, and plenty of frosting to hold it all together. Fill with mousse for a delicious treat.
  • Set up a candy bar with mason jars and bowls of small colorful candies.

You can’t forget the beverages at a tea party. Serve iced tea, lemonade, or punch from teacups. You can also create beautiful and delicious infused water by filling a large clear beverage dispenser with fresh water and sliced fruits. (Strawberries and lemons make a sweet-tart kid pleasing combination.) Refrigerate for several hours before the party before serving.

Tea Party Cake / Cupcakes

There are many options for creating a spectacular tea party cake, such as:

  • Create a teacup shaped cake by using a half-dome mold with the round side down. Frost the outside white and decorate with sugar flowers, while frosting the top brown to look like tea. You can “float” more sugar flowers in the tea for an elegant look.
  • Cover a cake with shabby chic roses in pastel colors.
  • Use real or artificial flowers to decorate, and then top the cake with a real teacup.
  • Color the inside of your cake in an ombre pattern for a special surprise when the cake is cut.

Instead of cupcakes, consider serving petit fours. These classic small confections can be small iced cakes, eclairs, and other bite-sized desserts.

Tea Party Petit Fours

Tea Party Favors and Goody Bags

Send your guests home with happy memories from the party including their created party hats, flower pots, and other crafts. Feather boas and costume jewelry are also fun party gifts. At the end of the party, present each guest with a tea cup (real, plastic, or paper), and allow them to fill it with candy from the candy bar. Top with plastic wrap and a rubber band to keep it safe on the way home.

Throwing a tea party themed birthday is a fun way to treat your birthday girl and her guests to an afternoon of ladylike fun. Let your guests dress up, create fun projects, and play silly games before sitting down to elegant finger foods and beverages, topped off by delicious desserts. Personalize the tea party theme by having a Princess Tea Party, Wonderland Tea Party, or Fairy Princess Tea Party. Everyone is sure to have a tea-rrific time.

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