Star Wars Party Ideas

Your child is probably obsessed with Star Wars right now—just like everyone else. Transport them to a place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away with a Star Wars birthday party. These Star Wars birthday party ideas will show you how you can "use the force" to make their party day extra special.

Birthday Party Ideas - Star Wars Party

Star Wars Party Invitations

Set the stage for this outer space party adventure by sending out Star Wars themed invitations. There's no doubt your guests will be excited to receive one of these party invitations:

  • One popular internet meme is a picture of Darth Vader with the caption "Come to the dark side... we have cookies." You can use this meme concept for your Star Wars invitation, substituting cake or cupcakes for cookies.
  • Put the text "The force is strong with this one" above a picture of your child. Below the picture, write "This young Jedi is turning 7," before listing all of the party details.
  • If your birthday invitation has a picture of a lightsaber on it, cut a small slit at the helm and insert a glow stick to serve as the glowing light blade. Use a small piece of tape on the back to secure it. If you will be delivering the invitations by hand, snap the glow stick ahead of time for the full effect.

Star Wars Party Decorations

At your child's Star Wars birthday party, you can create the feeling of being in space in the midst of an epic battle between the Rebel Alliance and the evil Empire with the right Star Wars decorations.

  • Starfield tablecloths are the perfect choice to cover any party tables. You can buy printed plastic ones or splatter white paint on a black tablecloth to create your own. These tablecloths can also be hung from the walls to create a backdrop.
  • Make tie fighter ships out of black balloons. Simply attach pieces of black construction paper to the balloon with clear tape to create the ship's iconic shape. Suspend several tie fighters from the ceiling in a threatening formation.
  • Lightsaber napkins are incredibly easy to make. All you have to do is roll up a colored napkin into a tube, then tape a piece of black printed paper around the bottom third to create the handle.

Star Wars Party Activities

Help your guests awaken the force within them. These Star Wars party activities will help train and prepare them to become Jedis.

  • Jedi Lessons: While you probably won't be able to find a Jedi Training Academy in your area, there should be a martial arts studio nearby. Some of the principles of using the force mimic what is taught in karate and other martial arts classes. You may be able to host the party at their facility or have martial arts instructors come to your party and teach some basic moves to everyone.
  • Tatooine Salon: Ever since Princess Leia's iconic large double side buns, Star Wars has been well known for its incredible and innovative hairstyles. Despite how elaborate they might look, many of these styles can be easily achieved with just a few hair ties and bobby pins. At a little girl's birthday party, you can recreate the famous hairstyles of Padme, Leia, and Rey at the Tatooine Salon.
  • Foam Lightsabers: Almost every kid dreams of doing battle with their very own lightsaber. Fortunately, these lightsabers made out of a swimming pool noodle are soft and won't hurt anyone. Cut the noodles in half, and then help the kids wrap colorful duct tape around one end for the handle.
Star Wars Party - Activities

Star Wars Party Games

Let the light side and dark side compete in these kids party games that are fun for everyone.

  • Death Star Destruction: Hang a piñata shaped like the Death Star in the room near the tie fighters. Let the children attempt to destroy it using dowel rods that are painted like lightsabers.
  • Jedi Training Course: Send kids up, over, down, and around on a Jedi Training Course. To make the game more challenging, make the children complete the obstacle maze while carrying their foam lightsabers.
  • Pod Racing: Head outside to enjoy a nice round of "pod racing." Today, the children will race while acting out how different characters move. For instance, they might roll on the ground like BB-8, walk stiffly like C3PO, or run while down on their knees like Yoda.

Star Wars Party Food

Even stormtroopers get hungry sometimes. Here are some fun party food ideas to complement the Star Wars party theme.

  • Stormtrooper Cheeseball: Mold a cheeseball into a dome shape, then cover with a thin layer of cream cheese. Use raisins or black olives to create the markings found on a stormtrooper's helmet.
  • Yoda Punch: Lime sherbet and clear soda can be combined to make a punch that kids will love. Add a few drops of green food coloring until it is the shade of Yoda green. Delicious it is!
  • Yoda Apple Snack: Take a whole green apple and cut it in half. In one half cut out the mouth, then add a nose from a blackberry. For the eyes, use slices of marshmallow and add two tiny pieces of chocolate. Use the other half of the apple to cut out pieces for the ears.
  • Death Star Watermelon: A hollowed out watermelon can make a wonderful fruit serving bowl. Transform it into a one of a kind centerpiece by carving lines on it to make it look just like the Empire's Death Star.
Star Wars Party Food

Star Wars Birthday Cake

Every Jedi needs their own lightsaber. Make one for your young padawan by cutting a rectangular cake into several thin pieces. Arrange the pieces to form one long piece of cake and decorate it to look like a lightsaber. Ask your child what color they want their light blade to be. In the movies, blue and green lightsabers are carried by the heroes and red lightsabers are reserved for the villains.

Star Wars Party Favors and Goody Bags

The battle is over and the rebels have won (or the dark side, if your child loves Darth Vader). Send your guests home with the spoils of war with Star Wars party favors inside of a goody bag, such as:

  • Star Wars stickers
  • Star Wars minifigures
  • Small plush or beanbag Star Wars characters
  • A fridge magnet featuring Yoda's inspirational advice—"Do or do not. There is no try."
Star Wars Party - Goody Bag

Once everything is set up for the party, your child will only have one choice left to make—will they choose to align themselves with the dark side or will they fight for the light side of the force? No matter which path they take, may the force be with you always.

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