Spiderman Party Ideas

Little boys love superheroes—and they especially love the amazing Spiderman. Not only can he fight the bad guys and save the day, but he also shoots spiderwebs out of his wrists. If your son or daughter admires this amazing web slinger, bring "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" to their next birthday party. These awesome ideas will help you put on a fun-filled Spiderman themed birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas - Spiderman Party

Spiderman Party Invitations

Calling all superheros! There is a birthday party to attend. Let everyone know about your child's upcoming birthday party with Spiderman party invitations.

  • Just like the amazing Spiderman, your child is pretty spectacular. On the invitation, let everyone know that the party is for "the amazing (your child's name)."
  • Use paper Spiderman masks as the invitation to the party. Include all of the party information on the inside of the mask. Attach string to the mask so the kids can wear them at the party. Keep a few extras around for the party day to make sure everyone has a mask to wear.
Spiderman Party Invitations

Spiderman Party Decorations

Red and blue is the perfect color scheme for a Spiderman birthday party, as these two colors are featured on his iconic superhero suit. When decorating for a Spiderman party, fill the space with webs, spiders, and of course Spiderman himself. Here are some ideas to use:

  • Any Halloween decorations featuring spiders and spiderwebs can easily be incorporated into a Spiderman theme. For example, you could spread web material across the table like a tablecloth.
  • Make a city landscape on the table using boxes covered with wrapping paper or construction paper. From the ceiling, suspend a Spiderman doll or balloon overlooking the city.
  • In comic books, whenever there is a fight scene, bright colorful bubbles pop up with words like "Pow!" and "Bam!" Decorate signs with these action words and hang them on the walls around the room.

Spiderman Party Activities

These party activities will ensure that everyone has something fun to do at your Spiderman party—and has some nice souvenirs to take home too.

  • Meeting Spiderman: What kid doesn't want to meet a real life superhero? You can hire a local entertainer to visit your party dressed as Spiderman himself. In addition to posing for pictures, Spiderman may teach the kids tips and tricks for using their spider senses.
  • Suspended Photography: Create a large mural of a city and tape it to the floor in a location where it will be out of the way until you're ready. One by one, have the children lay down on top of the photo so their head is pointed to the ground. Once they strike their Spiderman pose, snap a picture while looking directly down above them. The end result is a picture that looks like they are hanging upside down over the city.
  • Comic Book Letters: Give each child a large wooden letter of the first letter of their name. Before the party, spray paint the letters red. Have the kids arrange comic book pages on one side of the letter to create a collage. Cover the letter with Mod Podge and allow to dry.
Spiderman Party - Activities

Spiderman Party Games

Give the kids the chance to try out their super spider skills with these fun party games.

  • Web Target Practice: Hang up pictures of some of Spiderman's greatest foes, like Doctor Octopus, Vulture, and Chameleon. Give each child a can of silly string so they can practice hitting the bad guys with their super web power. This could also be turned into a competition. Give each child a different color of silly string. One by one, they will take turns shooting at the targets. The kid that hits closest to the bullseye wins.
  • Tangled Web Obstacle Course: Before the party, loop different colors of string to create your own obstacle course. When you say go, every child will race to follow their string up, over, and around until they reach the end of the obstacle course.

Spiderman Party Food and Drinks

Fighting crime and bad guys takes a lot out of you. Help your little superheroes recharge with these delicious food and drink options that work perfectly with the Spiderman theme.

  • Spidermallows: Around Easter, you can usually find large marshmallows in the shape of an egg. Turn the egg upside down and stick a lollipop stick in it. Dip the marshmallow in red colored chocolate and allow to dry before using chocolate or icing to draw Spiderman's face on it. You could also cut homemade marshmallows or Rice Krispy treats using a cookie cutter to use instead of the marshmallow eggs.
  • Chocolate Covered Spiders: Chocolate covered spiders are a fun snack you can prepare ahead of time or let the kids make during the party. Stick 8 small pretzel sticks into the icing of an Oreo cookie, arranged so they look like spider legs. Carefully dip the entire cookie and pretzel combination into chocolate and allow to dry on wax paper for a few minutes.
  • Food Labels: Using signs to label the food and drink items is a fun way to interject the theme into everything you serve. For instance, instead of serving just regular fruit punch, serve "Peter Parker Punch."

Spiderman Birthday Cake / Cupcakes

A cake decorated to look just like Spiderman's face is always a good choice for a Spiderman birthday party. But if you want to try something different, you could make a spider cake. Bake a cake in two oven safe glass bowls—a large one for the body and a smaller one for the head. Once they are cool, cover them with icing and gently press chocolate cookie crumbs all over. Use fuzzy black pipe cleaners for the legs and add eyes to the spider with icing.

Chocolate webs make the perfect cupcake toppers for a Spiderman themed birthday party. Trace spiderwebs onto wax paper using melted chocolate in a piping bag. You can freehand the webs or trace an outline from a printed paper placed under the wax paper. Once the chocolate webs have hardened, gently press them into the center of the icing on top of the cupcakes so they stand up.

Spiderman Party Favors and Goody Bags

Even Spiderman takes off his mask sometimes and goes back to his regular life as Peter Parker. After saving the day at your child's birthday party, it will be time for everyone to go home. Send them home with the tools they will need to save the day the next time they don their spider mask.

  • A Spiderman comic book
  • Silly string for shooting webs
  • Small rubber spiders
  • Spiderman mask or hat
  • Spiderman temporary tattoos or stickers

Your child may only get to be a superhero for a day at their Spiderman birthday party. But this action packed party is something they and your guests won't soon forget.

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