Spa Party Ideas

Everyone deserves a nice, relaxing day of pampering at the spa. From mini-makeovers for the little ones to an authentic at-home spa experience for teens and preteens, a spa birthday party is a fun theme idea almost any girl would love. Prepare for your daughter's perfect pampering party with these party planning ideas.

Birthday Party Ideas - Spa Party

Spa Party Invitations

Announce the grand opening of your at-home spa by sending out party invitations a few weeks ahead of the big day. Get your guests ready to be pampered with these spa inspired birthday invitation ideas:

  • Attach a single use face mask to the invitation. This will let your guests enjoy a small sample of the pampering they can expect to enjoy at the party.
  • Ask guests to bring along their favorite robe and bath towel so they can be comfortable at the spa party.

Spa Party Decorations

You can create a serene spa inside of your home with just a few simple accent pieces. Stick with a muted, relaxing color scheme. Light blues, greens, and purples are always a popular choice. Play relaxation or yoga music in the background to help set the tone. Place a few birthday decorations around the party room to complete the look:

  • Tie a small balloon bouquet to the birthday girl's chair, using the colors you've chosen as your party theme.
  • Fresh flowers always make the room smell amazing and will add a lot to your spa's ambiance. Place a single flower in each girl's chair, a small bouquet or corsage in the birthday girl's seat, and vases around the party room.
  • Use a small water fountain as the centerpiece on your table. Not only is it pretty to watch—the sound of running water is soothing.
Spa Party Decorations

Spa Party Activities

No spa birthday party would be complete without actual spa treatments. While you can modify your activities to suit the age and preferences of your daughter, here are a few activity ideas you can use:

  • DIY Facial Mask: Facial masks are fun to make and use common ingredients like honey, chocolate, and oatmeal. Prepare the masks ahead of time or let the guests make their own customized facial treatments.
  • Manis/Pedis: Paint the girl's fingernails and toenails after letting them soak in warm water for a few minutes. Use a topcoat for added durability and shine.
Spa Party - Manis/Pedis

Spa Party Games

Unless you have enough helpers on hand to assign one to each guest, you will need to account for some downtime between treatments. Have several kids’ games ready to keep the children occupied while you finish pampering the others. Here are a few fun party game ideas that would fit in perfectly at a spa party:

  • Classic Card and Board Games: Traditional board games and cards are a fun way to pass the time in between spa sessions. Provide several options for everyone to choose from. Stick to games with simple rules and short rounds.
  • Spa Bingo: Print out bingo cards filled with pictures of various spa items, such as nail polish, lipstick, and a towel. You can use them whenever the guests need to sit still for a few minutes—like when their toenail polish is drying or they are wearing facial masks.
  • Dress Up Competition: Once everyone is feeling pampered and pretty, let everyone play dress up and pose for the camera. After the photo shoot, show the pictures on the television and have everyone vote for the ones they like best. Have plenty of categories to vote on ("Best Smile", "Perfect Pose", "Funniest Pose") so everyone can win something.

Spa Party Food and Drinks

Finger foods are always a good choice at a spa birthday party. These easy to eat treats can be enjoyed throughout the spa session:

  • Spa Sandwiches: Cucumber finger sandwiches are the classic option for a spa party. But if that idea doesn't appeal to your daughter, you can use whatever type of sandwiches she prefers, such as chicken salad, ham, turkey, or even peanut butter. Use cookie cutters to cut the finger sandwiches into fun shapes before serving them on a silver platter.
  • Miniature Muffins: Miniature muffins are a good option because you can do everything from savory sausage muffins to sweet chocolate chip muffins. Display the muffins on a three tier plate stand with a different flavor on each level.
  • Spa Smoothies: Homemade fruit smoothies are easy to make and fun to sip on while you chat and relax. Serve the drinks in a clear plastic cup with a colorful straw and lid. To label the drinks, tie pieces of colored ribbon around the cup with a cute name tag attached to it.

Spa Party Cake / Cupcakes

If you want to continue with the idea of finger foods for the birthday cake, petits fours are the perfect choice. These elegant tiny cakes are just the right size to be enjoyed by one person. Although traditionally served with a white glaze and small rosebud made of icing, you could ask the bakery to use colors and embellishments to match the spa party theme.

Miniature cupcakes are another small dessert that would work well for a spa birthday party. Let the birthday girl pick a few of her favorite flavors. Be sure to have enough cupcakes so everyone can sample the different selections. When it's time to blow out the candles, line up mini cupcakes to represent her age with a single candle stuck in the center of each one.

Spa Party Favors and Goody Bags

No one ever wants a fun day of pampering to stop. Send your guests home with a goody bag full of things they can use to treat themselves with at their own at-home spa day. Wrap everything up in a small monogrammed washcloth and tie up the package with a piece of ribbon. Inside the package, you could include:

  • Miniature nail polish in fun colors
  • Lip balm
  • Hair accessories
Spa Party Favors and Goody Bags

No matter which spa activities you choose to incorporate into your daughter's spa party, she will love spending her birthday party laughing and relaxing with all of her best friends.

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