Slumber Party Ideas

The slumber party has been one of the most popular birthday party themes for a long time. Who doesn't love the chance to stay up late having fun with their friends? It is a great party idea that both boys and girls love. Plus, it works well for all ages because you can easily incorporate almost any activities and games. Here are some ideas for throwing a sleepover birthday party in your home.

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Party Invitations

Although any sleepover invitation can convey the relevant details, the fun is in the presentation. Make tiny pillowcases for each invitation by sewing or gluing together two rectangular pieces of fabric cut from an old t-shirt or set of pajamas. Here are a few other ways you can make your slumber party invitation stand out:

  • A cute tagline to put on the invitation for a sleepover is advertising that there will be "10+ hours of birthday party fun!"
  • Get everyone excited for the party by including a few examples of activities you have planned. You could list off a movie you will be watching or let them know you will be crowning the limbo king or queen at the party.
  • Make a checklist directly on the invitation of everything the kids will need during their stay at your home, such as pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, pajamas, and a toothbrush.

Party Decorations

Slumber parties are a great opportunity to get creative with decorating because anything goes. You could go bold and bright or soft and subdued—any color scheme works. No matter what color you go with, here are a few decoration ideas you can incorporate:

  • Add felt or paper "Z" cutouts to spiral hanging party decorations to create your own sleeping chandeliers.
  • Clear out as much space in the sleeping area as possible so everyone has room to spread out. Place a few accent pieces such as bean bags, throw pillows, and blankets that the children can use to get comfy.

Party Activities

Because slumber parties last for many hours, you will want to have plenty of activities planned. While the activities you choose will depend on your kid's age, some classic sleepover activities are:

  • Watching movies
  • Playing board games and puzzles
  • Dancing to the radio
  • Telling silly or spooky stories
  • Painting fingernails
Sleepover party activities

Party Games

While everyone loves chilling out and relaxing at sleepovers, you will also want to include fun sleepover games to get everyone up and moving, such as:

  • Late Night Limbo: Take everyone out to your backyard for a fun game of limbo under the stars. Use a dowel rod or broomstick to see "how low can you go?". After playing the game in the classic bending backwards manner, lead rounds where everyone does the crab walk, waddles like a duck, or army crawls.
  • Karaoke Night: Warm up your vocal cords for a fun time singing karaoke. Or you could host a lip sync battle to everyone's favorite hit songs. Whether or not you will actually be singing out loud, a microphone prop (even if it's just a toy) is essential.

Party Food and Drinks

Because sleepovers last longer than most other types of birthday parties, you will need to plan on serving one or two meals and plenty of snacks. Remember to set up a small snack area in the sleeping area with easy to grab individually wrapped snacks and water bottles, so the children can quietly grab something if they wake up hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night.

  • Pizza Party: Pizza parties are fun anytime—and they're the perfect way to start the sleepover. Pre-schedule the pizza delivery to come about 30 minutes after the guests are scheduled to arrive. This will ensure that dinner is taken care of and lets you focus on other aspects of the party. Cheese and pepperoni are always the most popular choices, but you can incorporate some variety based on your child's preferences.
  • Midnight Snacks: Since part of the fun of any sleepover is staying awake hours past bedtime, serving a few midnight snacks is always a good idea. Sweet and salty treats like popcorn, chips, ice cream, cookies, and brownies are fun to indulge on late at night.
  • Birthday Breakfast: After a good night's rest, your guests are going to be hungry. Wake them up with the enticing smells of a homemade breakfast. Pancakes, scrambled eggs. bacon, and biscuits are all good options, as they are easy to make quickly and in large quantities.
Sleepover party food

Party Cake / Cupcakes

At a slumber party, it would be easy to incorporate almost any kind of birthday cake. You could draw inspiration from your child's favorite characters or sports team, an activity you will be doing during the party, or even just bright colors and cute polka dot or stripe patterns.

You could also use the cake to represent the slumber party itself. A large rectangular cake can easily be decorated to look like a big bed full of children. Or you could show all of the children in their sleeping bags scattered around the floor. If you will be serving cupcakes, put a few edible letter "Z"s on top of each one to represent snoring.

Sleepover party cake

Party Favors and Goody Bags

When the parents arrive to pick everyone up after their night away, send them home with a goody bag full of things they will use when they go to sleep at their own house. Here are a few ideas for fun items you could include:

  • A solid color pillowcase with signatures and drawings from all of the party guests
  • Warm, fuzzy socks to wear around the house
  • A cute sleeping mask

Incorporating these slumber party ideas into your child's sleepover birthday party will ensure that everyone has fun—whether they're wide awake or fast asleep. After staying up late, you might want to take a nap the next day. But after enjoying a successful slumber party, you'll definitely think it was well worth it.

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