Sesame Street Party Ideas

Since 1969, Sesame Street has delighted young children with creative characters and fun songs, all while teaching ABCs, counting, and social skills. If you have a young Sesame Street fan, bring their favorite characters to life with a fun Sesame Street birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas - Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street Party Invitations

If your child has a favorite Sesame Street character, you can use it in your invitation. Cut circles out of colored paper and glue on eyes. Cut a black circle and fold it in half for the mouth. Glue a white circle with all your party information inside the mouth. This works for most of the main characters, so you can make just one character or an assortment.

Other fun birthday invitation ideas include:

  • Package a chocolate chip cookie in blue cellophane. Invite your friends to come join Cookie Monster for more fun at the party.
  • Use large pom poms to create monster faces. Attach a string and card with the party information.
  • Make a green and white street sign out of cardboard. Have it open to reveal your invitation.

There are many ways to word your party invitation:

  • “Can you tell me how to get to [your child’s name]’s birthday party?”
  • “This party is brought to you by the letter [your child’s initial] and the number [his age].”
  • “Come and play!”

Evoking memories of Sesame Street in your invitations will have guests ready for fun.

Sesame Street Party Decorations

Sesame Street uses bright primary colors to appeal to young children. Use a variety of colors, like red, green, blue, and yellow for a fun atmosphere. Make Sesame Street style street signs to label various areas like the gift table, coat area, and to create signs for the food table. Draw monster faces on balloons or paper pom poms.

Because Sesame Street is one of the longest-running popular children’s shows, there are many pre-bought party decorations to choose from also. Mix and match store bought balloons and backdrops with some handmade touches. Hanging a photo backdrop such as a brick wall will give a nice setting for fun pictures. Put cardboard cut outs of letters, numbers, and shapes around for room decoration also.

Sesame Street Party Activities

Having some kids activities set up will help keep your guests entertained. At the entrance table, set up a clear jar of small cookies. Have guests write down their guess for how many cookies are in Cookie Monster’s Jar. At the end of the party, announce which guest came the closest and allow them to take the whole jar home as a prize.

Doing crafts at the party makes for a great keepsake. Have them make monster hats by buying visors or plain party hats. Set out plenty of googly eyes, pipe cleaners, foam shapes, glitter, and other accessories. Encourage them to create their own monster or make a classic Sesame Street character.

Once all the hats are made, have a monster parade! Turn on some music and lead the children around in a fun monster parade to model their hats.

Sesame Street Party Games

There are lots of Sesame Street themed games to play at your party. Hand out prize tickets during the games, and set up a prize stall. Winners can cash in their tickets for extra party favors.

  • Oscar’s Garbage Toss: Collect and clean empty vegetable cans, and remove the labels. These will be your “trash cans.” Set them up on a table in various configurations. Let the kids take turns seeing how many they can knock down by throwing beanbags or soft balls. Give one ticket per can knocked over.
  • Rubber Ducky Dip: Create Ernie’s bathtub, complete with bubbles, and float small rubber ducks on the surface. Allow each child to choose a duck, and win the number of tickets printed on the bottom.
  • Brought to You By: Pick a letter of the alphabet that this game is “brought to you by.” Have the kids write down as many objects in the room as they can find that begin with that letter. Award tickets based on how many objects each child finds.
  • The People in Your Neighborhood: Have each child fill out a card with 3 things about themselves. (You can send this card in your invitations, or have them fill it out at the party.) Have the kids sit in a circle, while an adult reads the card out loud. The children need to guess whose card it is, and the first one to guess correctly wins a ticket.

Sesame Street Party Food

Presenting your party food in a fun way adds to the festivities. Use these ideas or come up with your own:

  • Use fruits and vegetables to make characters. Tomatoes or strawberries can make Elmo, while broccoli works great for Oscar. Use pepper slices to make eyebrows and other decorations. Dip cups can be used for eyes, with an olive floating in it for the pupil.
  • Create a Cookie Monster bar with cookies, frosting, and decorations. Allow guests to decorate their own cookies.
  • Set up a Monster Pizza station to create mini-pizzas using olives, peppers, onions, and other toppings to make faces.
  • Use cookie cutters to create letter and number shaped slices of cheese to go with crackers, or cut sandwiches into fun shapes.
  • Color your rice krispie treats with food coloring, and use frosting to draw character faces on. Or you can dye them all red and use white frosting to make a “brick wall” treat.

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

With Sesame Street being such a popular show, there are many cake ideas to make or buy. One easy option is to frost your cake white, and then decorate with color cut outs of letters, numbers, and shapes. You can top it with a toy figure of your child’s favorite character, or use several if she can’t choose just one.

If you’d like to have a Sesame Street character cake there are several options:

  • Frost a round cake the color of your chosen character. Use swirls or spikes to create feathers or fur texture. Embellish with white circles and dots of black frosting. You can make the mouth by drawing the design in candy melts on wax paper and carefully peeling it off once it’s hardened. Use an ice cream cone frosted orange for Big Bird’s beak.
  • If you’d like several characters, make cupcakes or cake pops. Frost, and then embellish with candy eyes and draw faces on with melted chocolate and candy melts.
  • Use a molded cake pan to create character faces, or a 3-D mold to create a sitting character that you can frost to be anyone you’d like.

Sesame Street Party Favors

For party favors, set up a stall and let kids exchange the tickets won during games for small toys. Present each child with a decorated bag with their name on it. You may want to pre-fill each bag with a few small toys such as bubbles, a pencil, and a toy figure. At your stall, have fun options like bubble bath, rubber ducks, twisty straws, and alphabet magnets. Kids will have fun shopping and go home happy!

Sesame Street is a classic children’s show that brings together party goers of all ages. Incorporating bright colors and popular characters into your food, games, and activities will ensure everyone has a fun time.

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