Safari and Jungle Party Ideas

Go for a walk on the wild side with a safari and jungle themed party for your child's birthday. This birthday party theme is perfect for animal lovers of all ages. Recreate an African safari right in your home with these birthday party ideas and suggestions.

Birthday Party Ideas - Safari and Jungle Party

Party Invitations

The excitement leading up to the party is part of the fun! Who wouldn't be excited about having the once in a lifetime opportunity to go on a safari? Get your guests ready for your kids' safari/jungle themed birthday party with these party invitation ideas:

  • Your passport is the most important document you need when traveling to far off destinations. Give each of your guests their own "passport" with all of the party details they need. Ask your guests to bring these passports with them to the party so you can stamp their passport to show where they've traveled.
  • You could also send out a map of the world with pin points identifying where different animal species live. Put a marker where you live with a text bubble that lists the party date and time.
  • On the invitation, include a checklist of all of the animals guests might see on the safari. Encourage them to check off everything they spot as they explore the wildlife kingdom you've created.
Safari and Jungle Party Invitations

Party Decorations

Every safari and jungle party needs lots and lots of animals, so find creative ways to include them wherever you can. Put some animals out in the open, while you hide others to make them more challenging to find. Here are a few more decorating ideas to incorporate:

  • Animal print balloons are the perfect choice for a safari and jungle themed birthday party. You may be able to find balloons that are already printed with animal designs or hire a balloon twister to transform simple balloons into various animals (lion, elephant, giraffe). You can also make them yourself by drawing on solid color balloons with a permanent marker to add spots and stripes.
  • Tan is the predominant color associated with safaris. Use shades of brown as your main color scheme with pops of bright orange and green in accent pieces.
  • In addition to all of the animals, you will need some plant life. Houseplants can be strategically placed to add green foliage to your space. You can use green construction paper to make little tufts of grass on the walls.

Party Activities

The highlight of this party, without a doubt, is the safari. As the safari's tour guide, here are a few kids' party activities you will want to use:

  • Face painting: Hire a professional face painter and transform your party guests into their favorite safari animals.
  • Animal Search: Give each child a checklist of the various animals they can discover while on the safari. Once they have found every animal, ask them to return the completed checklist for a small prize.
  • Animal Masks: After the safari search is over, give each child a blank mask. Have them create a mask of their favorite animal using an array of craft supplies. Once they are done, have everyone share their masterpiece with the group.
  • ABC Animals: While sitting in a circle, have everyone chant "We're going on a safari and what do you see?" The first child will then say "I see an _______ looking at me," filling in the blank with an animal name that starts with the letter "a." The chant starts again, then the second child gives an animal name with "b," and so on until you have made it through the alphabet.
Safari and Jungle Party Activities

Party Games

Party games are a great way to keep the safari fun going at the birthday party. Here are a few animal games that would work well for almost any age.

  • Rhino Ring Toss: Spray paint an empty paper towel tube white, then tape it on a large picture of a rhinoceros to become its horn. Toss small plastic rings towards the rhino, trying to hook them on the horn. You can use swimming pool diving rings to play this game.
  • Animal Charades: When identifying animals, we frequently rely on how they look or sound. By playing animal charades, the children will have to think about how the animals move and act. One child draws an animal name out of the hat. They then must act like the animal without making a sound while the others try to guess what animal they are. The first one to guess gets to go next.
  • Animal Bingo: Create bingo cards with pictures of different safari animals. Collect sound clips of their various sounds and make a playlist. Put the playlist on random. As the animals make their sounds, everyone marks off their squares until someone gets bingo.

Party Food and Drinks

Although going on a safari is a lot of fun, it can also be a lot of hard work to find the different animals. Refuel with animal themed foods and drinks.

  • Arrange different colors of fruits or vegetables on a tray to look like a lion, giraffe, or other safari animal.
  • For a creative presentation, you can display hors d'oeuvres and other finger foods on top of a large banana leaf.
  • Mix equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice to create a delicious "jungle juice" the kids will love.

Party Cake / Cupcakes

If you're looking for the perfect birthday cake idea for your kids' safari/jungle birthday party, zebra cake or animal cupcakes are the way to go. Layer different icing colors inside of the cupcake liners before baking to create tiger stripes, giraffe spots, zebra stripes, and other animal designs. Completely cover the tops with icing so the children are surprised to discover which animal cupcake they got.

Safari and Jungle Party Cake

Party Favors and Goody Bags

Let the adventure continue long after your child's birthday party is over. Send your guests home with a goody bag so they can enjoy their own backyard safaris. You could even stuff all of these items inside of a safari hat. Here are a few ideas you could include:

  • A pair of toy binoculars
  • Small guidebook about birds or wildlife found in your area
  • Any item with an animal print, including sunglasses, scarves, balls, and more
  • Safari toy trucks
  • An animal coloring book

After a long day on the savannah, it's time for the little explorers to head back to their tents for their night. You will know by the smiles on their faces that they had a wild time at your son's or daughter's safari or jungle themed birthday party.

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