Princess Party Ideas

For many girls, becoming a princess is the ultimate dream. Wearing a tiara and a sparkly dress, she imagines living out her very own fairy tale. For her next birthday, fulfill her dreams with a princess party fit for royalty.

Birthday Party Ideas - Princess Party

Invitations Fit for a Queen

The birthday invitations set the tone for the party, so you’ll want to make sure your princess invitations pass the royal inspection. A fun way to present your invitation is as a rolled up scroll, tied with a ribbon in her favorite color. Use phrases such as “Hear ye, hear ye,” “Once upon a time,” or a quote from her favorite princess story.

You may want to send a party invitation shaped like a tiara or magic mirror. Embellish the invitation with ribbons and glitter for extra sparkle. If you’re inviting any boys to the party, you can use a frog invitation and invite him to come turn into a Prince. Remember to invite the guests to wear their favorite princess (or prince) attire!

Royal Decorations

Traditional colors for a princess party are pink, purple, and white, but you should use your princess’s favorite colors or those from her favorite princess story. (Belle would have yellow and white, for example, while Elsa’s color is blue.) In addition to balloons and streamers, tulle skirts around the table and chairs make a festive touch. Fresh flowers add a nice touch. Creating a throne for your birthday princess will make her feel extra-special.

Some fun ways to decorate with balloons are:

  • Spread glue (or use spray adhesive) on the bottom part of the balloon and then dip it in glitter. When you hang them, they’ll sparkle!
  • Create castle turrets out of balloons by tying them together in a column. Top with a cone made from poster board, and a flag with your princess’s initials.
  • Make a balloon wall (to be used in a princess activity, below), by hanging a colored tablecloth on the wall, and then tape balloons (with prizes hidden inside) to the tablecloth.
  • Wrap balloons in tulle and tie off with ribbon or flowers.

Princess Activities

Once your guests have arrived, it’s time to get the party started with some princess activities. A great way to greet the princesses as they come is to direct them to a table where they can apply nail stickers, temporary tattoos, face paint, and receive their tiara. Some other fun kids activities to have during the party are:

  • Create a castle-themed photo booth area.
  • Have a princess fashion show.
  • Hand each princess (and prince) a card with a number. Have them go, in order, to your balloon wall and choose a balloon to pop. Inside each is a small prize for each to keep.
Princess Party - Activities

Princess Party Games

Party games are a great way to bring all the guests together for fun and friendly competition. Get the princesses laughing with these fun spin-offs of classic party games:

  • Princess, May I? Choose one child to start off and have her stand across the room or yard from the other guests. Each child then takes a turn asking “Princess May I?” followed by an action, such as “take 2 steps forward.” The princess can then grant permission or not. Once a child reaches the princess, they become the next princess (or prince) to reign.
  • Kiss the Frog: This game is Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a fun fairy tale twist. Cut a large picture of a frog out, along with smaller lip prints. Blindfold each child and have them to try to place the lips on the frog’s mouth.
  • Princess Scavenger Hunt: Give each guest a list of princess items they must find, such as: a glass slipper, 3 jewels, a pea, a frog, and a rainbow. Hide items around the party area, and have them race to complete their lists.

Royal Delicacies

It’s not easy to please a royal palate. Using tiara-shaped cookie cutters, you can make fun mini-sandwiches and pizzas to serve at the party. Star-shaped cookie cutters can be used to make fruit wands—use berries and smaller fruits to form the stem and then top with a star-shaped watermelon or pineapple slice. Flower cookie cutters can be used to cut melons for a beautiful presentation.

Princess popcorn is a treat that’s as fun to look at as it is to eat. Drizzle pink candy melts over popcorn and top with sprinkles. You can also use the candy melts to coat pretzel rods and then roll them in sparkly colored sugar.

For drinks, consider serving Princess Punch made from juice concentrate and ginger ale. Use pink lemonade for a pink-themed princess party, or grape juice for a pretty purple punch. Serving punch, water, and other drinks from tea cups will add a special touch.

Princess Party - Royal Delicacies

Princess Cake

A classic idea for a princess cake is to construct a castle from layers of cake, ice cream cones, marshmallows, and other decorations. Another simple idea is to frost layers of cake in her favorite color, and decorate with sugar flowers and a tiara on top. Some other fun ideas include:

  • A pull-apart princess dress cupcake cake.
  • Frost cupcakes with a swirl of frosting to make a “gown” and insert a cut out of the top half of a princess to complete the doll.
  • Make a princess doll cake out of a domed cake mold (or carved layers) and a cake decorating doll.
  • Top cupcakes with food-safe glitter, mini-tiaras, and princess wands.

Any of these cakes are sure to be the highlight of your party table.

Princess Party - Cake

Party Favors

You’ll want to send the guests home with something to remember their royally good time. Use small purses (real or made from paper) and include nail stickers, lip gloss, bracelets, rings, a magic mirror, and bubbles. Include a wand and tiara if they didn’t pick one up earlier in the party. For any little princes in attendance, small toys, a crown, and a plastic sword make great party favors. Candy necklaces are fun for everyone.

Princess Party Favors and Goody Bags

If your little girl dreams of being a princess someday, a royal princess birthday party is sure to make her smile. With sparkly decorations, delicious princess treats, and a cake fit for a coronation, her next birthday party will be extra special.

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