Pirate Party Ideas

Ahoy there! If it's a birthday party theme that you seek, then look no further—you have found your treasure. Boys and girls of all ages love the thrill and adventure of pirates and their never ending quest for gold. So yo ho, let's go plan a party with these fun pirate themed ideas!

Birthday Party Ideas - Pirate Party

Pirate Party Invitations

Every pirate knows that in order to find buried treasure, you must first have a treasure map. Presenting all of your guests with a treasure map invitation will help them find their way to the birthday party. Try these ideas to make your invitation look just like an actual treasure map.

  • Brush the invitations with some prepared black tea. Once they dry, the paper will look yellowed, just like an ancient treasure map.
  • Carefully burning the edges of the party invitations can enhance the aged appearance. All you have to do is light the edge of the paper with a lighter or stove eye, then quickly blow it out. Of course, this step should only be done by an adult in a safe and careful manner. Keep thoroughly saturated sponges nearby to put out any flames before they get out of hand.
  • Once you have finished creating your birthday invitation, roll it up and stick it inside of a clean, clear bottle. Receiving a message in a bottle will get everyone excited to go on the birthday pirate adventure with you.
Pirate Party Invitations

Pirate Party Decorations

When decorating for your child's pirate birthday party, you will want to create a tropical environment with plenty of pirate markings and treasure chests. These decorating tips will help you create the perfect pirate hangout for the party.

  • Black, white, and red works well for the color scheme at a pirate themed party. You can also include accents of bright royal blue for an additional pop of color.
  • Collect some rocks from outside and spray paint them gold to create "gold nuggets." You can fill treasure chests with the nuggets or place them around on the tabletops for decoration.
  • Create a "Pirate Picture Place" in a corner for a wonderful photo op location. Hang tropical backdrops on the wall and place a few potted plants around for greenery. Don't forget to include pirate eye patches, bandanas, hooks, and other pirate items for everyone to pose with in the pictures.
Pirate Party Decorations

Pirate Party Activities

Help everyone get in the pirating spirit by starting out with one of these pirate party activities. These ideas should work well for all age ranges.

  • Treasure Hunt Pillows: Before it's pirate party time, cut a hole in one side of a pillowcase and attach a piece of clear vinyl fabric in its place. Give one of these pillowcases to each child and let them fill it with several small plastic trinkets, such as toy coins, bugs, beaded necklaces, and more. Then fill the pillowcase almost full with sand or small styrofoam balls. Sew or glue the open end together. Once it is finished, the children can gently press on the pillow in different places to "uncover" their buried treasure in the pillow.
  • Face Painting: Give each child the mark of a pirate by painting a skull and crossbones on their cheek. For extra fun, you could also put on pirate related temporary tattoos.
Pirate Party - Activities

Pirate Party Games

Give the children a taste of what life was like for pirates by letting them participate in these pirate party games.

  • Walk the Plank: Place two large plastic paint buckets upside down on opposite sides of a small kiddie pool. Put a sturdy piece of wood on top of the buckets and let the kids take turns "walking the plank" one at a time.
  • Hooked: Attach several plastic pirate hooks to a flat piece of wood. Prop it against the wall with the points of the hooks pointing upwards. Put a piece of tape on the ground to show where the kids should stand. Let them play a game of pirate ring toss by trying to throw plastic rings onto the hooks.

Pirate Party Food and Drinks

Gold isn't the only type of treasure that little pirates love. They will also enjoy eating these foods and drinks with a fun pirate twist.

  • Hot Dog Pirate Ships: Need a quick meal idea for the party? Hot dogs can easily be transformed into pirate ships. Just print out some small pirate flags and attach them to a bamboo skewer. Stick the skewer inside the hot dog and you're done.
  • Pirate Punch: Add fun to your favorite punch recipe by putting a few new, clean bath toys in to float. Whether you pick some toy boats or rubber ducks wearing pirate apparel, the guests will love this fun touch.
  • Shark Fruit Salad: Cut one end off of a watermelon so that it can rest flat on the table. Scoop out the fruit with a melon baller, then use a knife to carve a big open mouth full of teeth and eyes for the shark. Cut a triangle from the bottom piece you initially cut off, then attach it using toothpicks to serve as the dorsal fin. Fill the shark's mouth with pieces of the watermelon and other fresh fruit.

Pirate Birthday Cake

Designate your child as the captain of this pirate crew by placing a figure of them at the helm of a pirate ship cake. You could use a plastic figurine that looks similar to your child or handcraft a custom figure using fondant, marzipan, or modeling chocolates.

When decorating your cake, mix cocoa powder into your icing. Not only will this turn it the perfect shade of brown for the wood of a pirate ship, it will also make it deliciously chocolate flavored. Once the ship is covered in icing, lightly drag the tines of a fork across the surface to create the wood grain.

Place candles sticking straight out of the sides of the ship to represent the cannons. Just be sure place something under the candles while you sing happy birthday, as the candles are more likely to drip wax in this sideways position.

Pirate Party Favors and Goody Bags

Every pirate needs some treasure. Send your guests home with their own pirate loot. Small cardboard treasure chests are the perfect vessel for packaging your party favors. Another presentation that is sure to impress is wrapping everything up in a small bandana to create small loot bags. Fill your treasure chest or bag with pirate goodies, such as:

  • Chocolate gold doubloons
  • Toy spyglass
  • Eye patch
  • Beaded necklaces and bracelets
  • Pirate flag
Pirate Party - Goody Bag

After enjoying your child's pirate birthday party, you will probably find everyone singing "yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me." Here's to many more future adventures sailing on the seven seas!

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