Little Mermaid Party Ideas

If your little girl loves mermaids and ocean life, fire up the crustacean band and head under the sea for her next birthday with a Little Mermaid party. Taking inspiration from the classic Disney movie and fairy tale, send guests on a treasure hunt, eat some ocean-inspired treats, and have a swimming good time with this fun birthday party theme.

Birthday Party Ideas - Little Mermaid Party

Inviting All Mermaids

When choosing your party invitations, it’s a good idea to match the invitation to the theme so that the guests are already in the mood for your party. For your Little Mermaid party, consider fun shaped invitations, such as a mermaid tail, seashell, or fish. Adding some sparkle with glitter can add a slight underwater effect, making the invitations even more fun.

Wording your party invitation can also evoke the movie, using some famous quotes and song lyrics. Some fun choices are:

  • “Come join us where we’ve got no troubles and life is the bubbles—Under the Sea!”
  • “Darlin’ its better down where it’s wetter—join us under the sea!”
  • “Down here all the fish is happy—come swim under the sea!”

If you want to have any water games, make sure to tell your guests to bring a swimsuit or change of clothes.

Decorating the Sea

Because the Little Mermaid lives deep under the sea, you’ll want to use a lot of blue in your party decorations, such as for tablecloths and balloons. Purple, green, and pink make good accent colors. Spread seashells around on tables to add to the mood, and it might be fun to hide a few “human” objects like a comb, book, and phone around to honor Ariel’s fascination with the human world. To finish your birthday party decorations, try some of these DIY ideas:

  • Use green crepe paper to create seaweed. You can hang this from a table ledge, or you can make a scene with it on the wall. Add a slight twist to make it look as though it’s swaying in the currents.
  • Make jellyfish out of paper lanterns and crepe paper. Hang lanterns (balloons or colored bowls work well too) from the ceiling and string a few pieces of coordinating crepe paper from the bottom.
  • Create a shipwreck scene out of brown paper or cardboard boxes. You can use this area to take pictures of your guests.
Little Mermaid Party Decorations

Mermaid Activities

To keep your little mermaids busy at the party, set up some activity stations. Use the shipwreck scene you made for decoration as a photo booth by supplying a few props, such as fish on sticks, an Ariel wig, and a towel shaped like a mermaid tail to drape over the girls’ legs.

If it’s a warm day and you have the space, let your guests run through the sprinklers to cool off or splash in a wading pool. Playing “under water catch” with water balloons is another fun way to cool off.

Have the guests string together pearl necklaces to wear at the party and to take home as a party favor. Purchase a variety of beads in purple, blue, green, and shades of white, and let them create a masterpiece all their own.

Little Mermaid Games

Modifying party games to match the theme of your party keeps guests involved and laughing. Here are some fun Little Mermaid-themed games for kids to try:

  • Name that Dingle Hopper: Ariel loves human objects, but doesn’t understand their true purpose or know their names. In this spin-off of charades, give each child a common every day item—a fork, a comb, a book, a phone, a pencil—and have them keep it a secret from the others. When it is their turn, they need to describe the item they have both by what it could be used for as well as what it is used for (such as a fork as a hair comb, or an eating utensil), and have the other kids guess what it is.
  • Treasure Hunt: Fill a sandbox, large container, or bucket with sand, and fill it with gems, pearls, coins, and other small treasures. Set a timer, blindfold the kids, and see who can collect the most treasure before time is up. For a water variation on this game, put the treasures in a kiddie pool and let them splash through the water for the treasures. (You can add a layer of sand for an extra challenge.) Just make sure someone is keeping a close eye on everyone!
  • Escape Ursula’s Grasp: This game is a variation of Tag commonly known as Blob Tag. One child starts as It, and as they tag the others, they join together to form a “blob,” or in this case “Ursula.” Holding hands they then continue trying to tag all the children until only one is left, who becomes the next “It.”
Little Mermaid Party Games

Party Food

Create a ocean feast for your Little Mermaid party that’s sure to please a crowd. Using these easy presentation ideas, you can easily turn everyday foods into fun ocean-themed treats. Make sure to have plenty of dingle hoppers (forks) on hand.

  • Make “seaweed skewers” by stringing green grapes onto wooden skewers. Cucumbers can be “sea cucumbers,” while carrot sticks can become “crab legs” and green peppers are “frog legs.”
  • Croissants can be used to make “crab sandwiches”—you can even stick an olive on top for the eyes. Fill with tuna salad, ham and cheese, or any other filling your birthday child loves.
  • Fish-shaped bread can also be a fun choice for sandwiches, or use cookie cutters to create shaped sandwiches.
  • Create “fish and chips” cups by combining fish-shaped crackers and potato chips into little serving dishes.

Serve blue punch or colored water as “sea water,” and if you’d like, make some fish shaped ice cubes for an added touch.

Little Mermaid Party Drinks

Mermaid Cake

Creating a Little Mermaid inspired cake will be sure to impress all your guests. One easy idea is to frost layers of cake in shades of blue to represent the ocean. Decorate with sugar or plastic seashells and a figure of Ariel on top. Other ideas include:

  • Create a mermaid out of cupcakes, frosting the tail pieces green, the hair red, and the skin pink. Put them together to form a mermaid shape and embellish with candy pieces and frosting.
  • Use cookie or graham cracker crumbs as “sand” on top of your cake or on the serving tray. You can also frost cupcakes and then dip them in the crumbs, then top with shells or candy pearls.
  • Make cake pop pearls by dipping cake pops in white candy melts and then edible glitter. Serve on sticks, make a pearl “necklace” string on a platter, or serve in individual cookie oysters.

Party Favors and Goody Bags

Send each guest home with something to remember the party. Include the pearl necklace they made, bubbles, squishy “sea urchin” balls, and some blue jelly beans or other themed candy. You can present this in a pail, shell, or purse for a memorable keepsake.

Little Mermaid Party Favors and Goody Bags

Take the plunge and dive under the sea to throw your little mermaid a birthday party she won’t forget. Ocean treats, fun games, and activities will keep all your mermaids having a swimming good time.

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