LEGO Party Ideas

For generations, LEGO building sets have captured the imaginations of children world-wide. If your child is one of them, delight your little builder with a LEGO-themed birthday party filled with fun and creative surprises.

Birthday Party Ideas - LEGO Party

LEGO Party Invitations

To get your guests excited for their LEGO adventure, set the tone with some fantastic party invitations. Using classic LEGO colors such as yellow, red, and green, and a LEGO-like bubble font, turn any invitation into a LEGO design. Some fun ideas for LEGO invitations include:

  • Create a LEGO box-front with all the party information and a picture of your child. Or create a whole box and include the information and a LEGO minifigure inside. Encourage children to bring the minifigure to the party for decorating and trading.
  • Put together an “invitation book” modeled after a LEGO instruction book. On each page list a different piece of information such as your child’s age, party location, and RSVP number.
  • Print up the invitation on a brightly colored square. Cut out several circles of the same color and attach them to the square to make it look like a LEGO brick, so that they can be folded open to reveal the party information.

LEGO Party Decorations

Traditionally LEGOs are brightly colored, with red, yellow, green, blue, and white being the primary colors. Use these for inspiration when decorating for the party. Squares and dots will also evoke the LEGO theme. Try to keep everything brightly colored with clean lines.

An easy DIY way to decorate is to wrap empty cardboard boxes in brightly colored paper. These can be used as trays on the table. Place food in small round serving dishes on top to create a LEGO brick serving table. You can also use clear tubing and place real LEGO bricks inside for a colorful touch.

LEGO Party Activities

Having a few activity stations will help keep guests engaged throughout the party. These kids activities can be completed whenever a child feels like doing them, and returned to later if they want to do them again.

  • Set up a LEGO building station. Provide a bucket of assorted bricks and building plates, and let the children create whatever they dream up. Make sure to have a camera handy to take pictures of the children with their creations.
  • Fill a jar with LEGO bricks, and place it on a table with a pad of paper and a pencil. Encourage guests to write down their estimate of how many bricks are in the jar. As the party draws to a close, reveal the true number and award the winner with a prize (such as the jar of bricks!).
  • Have a create-your-own minifigure station. Get a large number of minifigure pieces, including heads, bodies, and accessories. Allow children to create and keep a minifigure by mixing and matching pieces, draw on them with markers, and attach stickers.
Lego Party - Activities

LEGO Party Games

Organizing games keeps kids active and working together at the party. Incorporating the LEGO theme into your games makes them even more fun. Try to do games that work for the varying ages and skill levels you have at the party, and don’t be afraid to let kids make up their own variations on the games as you go.

  • LEGO Race: This game is great as an individual or a relay race. Get several of the same small LEGO set, complete with instructions. Open all the packaging and lay the set out on a tray or plate. As an individual race, hand each child the instructions to begin the race. For a relay event, divide the children into teams. Have each child complete one step before passing the set to the next person on their team. The first person or team to complete the set wins.
  • LEGO Sorting: This is another racing game, requiring children to sort the LEGO bricks into various categories. You can have them sort based on color, size, shape, or other attributes. For an even more challenging game, have them sort by two attributes (so yellow squares are sorted differently from yellow rectangles, which are different from blue rectangles). Make sure each child starts with a similar assortment of bricks and see who finishes first.
  • Pin the Hat on Emmett: If you have a LEGO Movie fan, use the character Emmett as your target, and have the children try to pin his hat on his head. (You can use any minifigure you like, of course!) Blindfold each child, spin them around, and send them towards Emmett with a hat in hand. Whoever gets the closest wins.
  • LEGO Toss: For this challenging game, you will need several cups or cardboard rings. Label each one with a point value and lay them out. Have the children stand several feet away and try to toss LEGO bricks into the cup or ring, awarding points for each brick that lands in its target. For a more challenging game, score smaller bricks higher and allow the children to choose which bricks they want to toss.
LEGO Party - Games

LEGO Party Food

Preparing LEGO-themed party food is as easy as using a square or rectangular cookie cutter. Cut out “block” sandwiches and stack them on a tray. Top the top piece with pickles or olives for the round nubs on top. You can also serve rectangular pizza topped with round toppings to look like LEGO bricks.

For a sweet treat, prepare LEGO cookies by cutting sugar cookie dough into squares and frosting them. Top with coordinating M&Ms or other small round candies to give them a block look. If you prefer, use pre-made krispie treats to frost and top. You can also use block molds to form ice cube, Jell-O, or gummy blocks and minifigures. Make fun LEGO head marshmallow pops by putting one large and one small marshmallow on a stick, and then dip into candy melts. Use a food marker or chocolate to draw on the face.

LEGO Birthday Cake

Your LEGO birthday cake can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Professional bakeries (and experienced home bakers) can create elaborate LEGO figure cakes covered in fondant. Some bakeries and services offer personalized cake toppers printed on edible rice paper that you could use to create a LEGO box cake.

Some other simple DIY ideas for cakes and cupcakes for your LEGO themed party include:

  • Cubes of cake cut out, topped with small cookies or candy, and frosted to look like a block.
  • A single rectangular cake topped with cookies (such as Oreos) prior to frosting.
  • Wrap ice cream sandwiches in colorful paper before the party, and stack them on a tray to resemble a LEGO building immediately prior to serving.

LEGO Party Favors and Goody Bags

The easiest party favor for a LEGO party is, of course, LEGOs. Let children take home the minifigures they created, another small LEGO creation, or give each child a small LEGO set. Other fun ideas include:

  • LEGO colored candies
  • LEGO shaped crayons
  • Other small candy and toys packaged into a small LEGO storage block.
LEGO Party - Goody Bag

Throwing a LEGO themed birthday party is a lot of fun. Make sure to use lots of bright colorful decorations and extend the theme into the food. With some fun LEGO races and building activities, everyone is sure to have a great time.

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