Fun Indoor Party Games for
Kids Birthday Parties

Indoor party games for kids birthday parties

Here you will find a list of fun indoor party games for kids birthday parties. Indoor games are a great way to entertain children and keep them happy. The list below provides some inspiration for parents planning birthday party activities. For even more party game ideas browse through our party ice-breaker ideas, classic party games or outdoor party games categories.

1. Trivia

Children love to show off how much they know, so give them the chance with an exciting trivia game. Make up a list of age-appropriate questions—relating it to your party theme is fun. Divide the children up into teams, and have them work together to answer the questions. Award points for correct answers (you can also subtract points for wrong answers, making a more challenging game) and give the winning team a prize.

2. Pass the Present

Some games get passed down through generations because they are just so much fun. In Pass the Present, each child gets to unwrap a layer and win a prize, ensuring smiles all around. Prior to the party, put the grand prize in a box and wrap it. Continue wrapping it in layers, tucking a small prize between each, until you have one layer per guest. At the birthday party, have the children sit in a circle and begin passing the present around while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the present unwraps a layer, keeps the prize, and leaves the circle. Continue playing until the grand prize is opened by the last child.

3. Charades

Kids say the darnedest things, but in charades they need to rely on their body actions and motions to get the crowd to guess their word. Make up a list of words to help keep the game flowing smoothly (and be sure to check with younger kids to make sure they know what the words mean!). This game is non-stop laughter as everyone tries to guess, saying some crazy things in between. The winner gets to be the next actor. Incorporate your birthday party theme, having the children guess movie characters, song titles, and more for added fun.

4. Speed Sorting

This game is great for all ages, combining speed, thought, fine motor skills, and candy for a fun fast-paced party game. Choose a candy that has a variety of colors (M&Ms, Starburst, etc.), and make up bags that contain equal numbers of the colors (i.e. 10 red, 8 orange, 6 yellow) to make the game fair. You will need one bag per child. Mix up the bags so the colors are all jumbled and at “go” dump them out on the table in front of each child. The goal is to sort the candy into cups by color first. You can do this as a group game or as a head-to-head tournament style (winner gets to keep the bag of candy).

5. Musical Dress-Up

Musical Dress-Up is a hilarious alternative to Musical Chairs that is bound to leave everyone laughing. Fill a large bag with dress up clothes and accessories—hats, ties, scarves, bows, and glasses all work great. Make sure to mix them up well. Have the children stand in a circle and pass the bag around while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the bag must reach in, pull out the first item they touch, and put it on. Continue playing until the bag is empty, or until everyone is laughing too hard to continue! Make sure to have your camera ready to capture the outrageous outfits that are created.

6. Indoor Obstacle Course

Setting up an indoor obstacle course can provide lots of fun at your next party. Starting with a ball of string, create a maze in a hallway or other enclosed area by attaching the string to the ceiling, floors, and walls in a crisscross fashion. You want to leave areas big enough for the kids to get through while having it still be challenging. Call this your spider’s web, laser maze, or jungle vines. Each child has to find their way through the maze, winding their way through the tangle. For an extra challenge, dim the lights and provide a flashlight. You can set up other obstacle areas like a balloon pop area and a limbo bar for even more fun. Time the children as they go through so you can crown a winner at the end.

7. 7-Up

7-Up is a great party game to quiet the group down after a fast-paced game or before going home. In this kids' game you choose a few children (traditionally 7, though you can use a smaller number for smaller groups), who stand at the front of the room. The other children should sit on the floor or at a table with their eyes covered. The 7 children tiptoe through the crowd, choosing one child to tap on the head. The tapped child should raise a hand so they don’t get tapped again. Once the 7 children have all returned to the front, the tapped children each get to guess who tagged them. If they guess correctly, they trade places with their tapper for the next round.

8. String Tangle

String Tangle is a fun way to get kids working together, and everyone gets a prize at the end. To play, choose a variety of small prizes, and tie a long string around each before hiding the prize. Use different color for each string. Once the prize is hidden, use the string to create a multicolored maze or obstacle course throughout the room, ending at a designated location (such as a table). Tie the other end of the string around a pencil or dowel. As you do this for each prize, the strings form an interconnecting maze that will require the children to work together to solve. At party time, hand each child one of the pencils and instruct them to find their prize by following the string. The children will have a great time climbing, twisting, and crawling through to their goal.