Ice-Breaker Party Games for
Kids Birthday Parties

Icebreakers party games for kids birthday parties

Party games are a great way to bring kids together and break the ice. Try some of these fun ice-breaker games at your next birthday party. Icebreakers will help to create a great party atmosphere and help the kids to get to know each other. We also have put together more games ideas for classic party games, indoor party games, and outdoor party games.

1. Who Am I?

A fun way to start the party is with a game that introduces everybody. Provide each guest with a piece of paper and have them write a couple sentences about themselves on it. For younger children, you may want to start with a template such as:

  • I have ___ hair.
  • My favorite color is ___.
  • I like to ___ on weekends.

Once all the papers are filled out, collect them and have the children sit in a circle. Read each paper out loud and have the children guess who it’s describing. Kids will have a great time guessing and learning more about each other while playing.

2. The Name Game

This kids' game is a great ice breaker to kick off the party if not everyone knows each other, and fun even if they do. Have the guests sit in a circle and go around and say each of their names. Starting with one ball, have the first child say their name and the name of the child they want to roll the ball to. Once that child catches the ball, they say their name and the name of another child who has not yet been named. Have them remember who they rolled the ball to, and after the ball has made it back to the start, repeat the same pattern again. See how fast they can go! You can add in a second ball to make the game even harder.

3. Red Rover

This classic childhood game is another great way to help kids get to know each other at the party. The children divide into two groups, and line up facing each other. Have the children join hands and then the first group calls out “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Bobby right over!” naming the child of their choice. Bobby runs over—if they block him from breaking through, Bobby joins their team; otherwise he returns to his original team.

For a fun variation, instead of having the children try to break through the line, have the group challenge the child to do a certain trick, such as a cartwheel. If the child succeeds, he stays with his team; otherwise he joins the other team. You may want to make up a list of challenges such as cartwheels, push-ups, somersaults, hopping on one foot, and similar tasks to play the game safe and fair for everyone.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

In the classic ice-breaker game Two Truths and a Lie, the children sit around in a circle and each take a turn stating three facts about themselves—two that are true, and one that is a lie. The facts can be everything from a favorite color to a wild adventure they had. The rest of the children then vote on which statement they think is false.

To simplify the game for younger kids, you can use a single statement and vote on whether it is true or false. Older kids may prefer to keep score, or to have a chance to ask questions to tease out the truth of the statements.