Tips for Hosting Your At Home Birthday Party

The big day is almost here — the day of your child's birthday party. Although most of the planning work has been completed by this point, now it is time to set the stage. This guide will take you through the steps you should take to arrange your home for a birthday party so that everything goes smoothly.

Birthday party at home

Grab a Notepad and Pen

Setting up a birthday party can be almost as fun as the party itself. But when you have several tasks needing to be done, you might remember something important at any time. Keep a notepad and pen nearby to jot these ideas down quickly before you forget. Or if you prefer the high-tech version, set a reminder on your smartphone. These memos will keep you on-track and organized throughout the process.

Hire an Entertainer

Entertainers bring a lot of fun to any child's birthday party. Their performance is bound to be one of the best things everyone remembers about the party. If you want to hire an entertainer, be sure to make arrangements early to ensure they will be available when you need them. Don't forget to inquire about their different packages, as some may give discounts for various features, such as additional performers or extended party hours.

Once you have chosen an entertainer, ask them what they will need you to have available for them on the day of the party. Most entertainers require a certain size space to perform in. They may also need a few chairs or other items you probably already have around the house. Keep a list of these requirements and set up an area for the entertainer according to these specifications.

Birthday party at home - hire an entertainer

Put Away All Personal Items

Even though your home is probably already child-proofed for your own kids, you will need to take extra precautions when you're expecting lots of tiny visitors. As a general rule, you should put away anything that is dangerous, special to you, or breakable. This includes medications, irreplaceable memorabilia, anything that will shatter if it is accidentally knocked over, and more. You should also shut off any areas of the house that you do not want guests to visit. Since children can be curious explorers, it's not a bad idea to lock these "off limits" rooms, if possible.

If you have pets, you will also need to make arrangements for them during the party for their safety and your guests'. Generally, it's a good idea to shut them in a bedroom or let them visit a neighbor's house during the party, as some of the party guests may be allergic to or be afraid of your beloved animal.

Rearrange Your Furniture

While your current furniture arrangement may be perfect for your everyday life, it might not be ideal for hosting a birthday party. Rearranging your furniture can help to ensure that you have plenty of room to party while keeping your guests comfortable. The first thing you will want to do is to clear walking pathways. Make sure they are big enough for at least two people to pass each other to prevent traffic congestion.

You will also need to provide plenty of seating areas for guests. If you need more chairs, you can temporarily relocate chairs from other rooms in your house, including your lawn chairs and your children's beanbags. If you still don't have enough, you could rent or borrow folding chairs to use the day of the party. You can also make use of open floor space, as young children typically don't mind sitting on the floor.

Birthday party at home - open area

Create Designated Areas

The cake is one of the focal points of any child's birthday party. You will need to designate a special place of honor for it where the guests can easily admire it. However, while you want it to be visible, you also need to make sure the location is safe. Put it on a sturdy surface where it is unlikely to be knocked off and ruined.

When your guests first arrive, they will likely hand you a present or card for the birthday boy or girl. Set up a table in the corner for the gifts to sit until it is time to open presents. Put a basket on the table to hold any cards.

You will also need to set up areas for the food and drink refreshments. Think about how your guests will move around the room so they can easily fill their plate without needing to zip back and forth. Put the drink dispensers on a separate table for easier access. Have someone check these areas during the party to refill any items that may have run out.

Birthday party at home - snack area

Set Up Areas for Games

Everyone loves playing fun party games. Set up areas for these games to take place, providing plenty of room for everyone to get involved. When you are setting up the games, check the games to make sure that you have all of the necessary pieces and parts together and ready. Depending on the size of the party, you may wish to have multiple game stations set up so more guests can play at the same time.

Decorate the House

One of the most fun parts of getting ready for a birthday party is putting up the decorations. The decor you choose will be one of the main ways you showcase the party's theme. It also makes your home look like a whole lot of fun. Pick decorations that either directly represent your child's theme of choice or are color coordinated to complement it. For the biggest visual impact, put decorations at varying heights. Hang things at or near ceiling level to draw the eye upward. Hang other things lower for the kids to enjoy.

Bunches of balloons and streamers draped from the ceiling and doorways are both classic ideas. A sprinkle of confetti down the center of each table is a simple way to add character.

Place Trash Cans Everywhere

Between the opening of presents and enjoying the delicious cake, birthday parties tend to generate a fair amount of garbage. Put trash cans in convenient locations so you and your guests don't have to wander around, trying to find somewhere to throw something away. You will definitely want to have one near the present opening location and near where the food is being served. Keep extra trash bags nearby too, in case the trash can gets full mid-party.

Hang Signs to the Bathroom

When hosting any event in your home, one of the most common questions you are bound to be asked repeatedly is "where's the bathroom?" Make it easier for your guests to find on their own by hanging signs on the walls with arrows pointing them to the right place. Don't forget to make sure that the bathroom is fully stocked with all of the necessary supplies—plenty of toilet paper, hand soap, and clean hand towels.

Now that you've set the scene, everything is in place for the perfect birthday party. Go have a wonderful time celebrating with your kid!

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