33 Team Building Activities
For Your Office

Team building

One of the keys to success for a company is the ability for employees to work cooperatively. In an office filled with a variety of personalities, it can be difficult to maintain this team spirit. Taking part in a team-building activity can foster good working relationships that have a lasting impact on company morale and productivity. Consider these fun team building activities for your next company outing:

1. Go-Kart Racing

Some friendly competition mixed in with a lot of fast-paced fun brings employees together with lasting benefits for office morale. Go-Kart Racing is a unique way to pit employees against one another, driving at 40 mph around a track. Typical races include a safety lesson, practice laps, and a final race. Trophies provide bragging rights that will make this an anticipated office event year after year.

Team building - Go-Kart Racing

2. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving offers all the thrills of skydiving without any of the necessary training or inherent danger. Climbing into a wind tunnel, each employee will get a chance for the freefall feeling of skydiving, improving trust while providing an exhilarating experience for everyone.

3. Cooking Class

Learning a new skill is a fun way to bring employees together. With cooking classes, your employees can work together to learn to make a gourmet meal, and then sit down to sample their cooking together. After tackling this project together, they’ll be ready to head back to the office with stronger teamwork and communication skills.

Team building - Cooking Class

4. Food Tours

Food is one of the greatest bonding tools available. Throughout history and across cultures, people gather over food in a communal experience like no other. Taking your employees on a Food Tour is a team building activity that will be long-remembered. Food tours take you throughout an area sampling the local cuisine, sometimes with a focus on one specific food type (like pizza). As you move from one location to the next, employees can learn about each other’s tastes and histories while scoping out a place for the next lunch meeting.

5. Paintball

Paintball requires skill, agility, and the willingness to get messy. This exciting game is sure to bring employees together as they plan and execute a strategy to beat the other team. Safety gear is provided, and many venues offer lower-impact team building games perfect for beginners so everyone can enjoy this activity.

Team building - Paintball

6. Laser Tag

Strategy and teamwork are essential skills in the office and in laser tag. Opposing teams try to tag each other and targets with laser guns, scoring points as they go. Teams must work together, protecting themselves and their teammates if they want to win. Switch up the teams each round so that employees get to play with a variety of their coworkers in this exciting game.

7. Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing provides both a physical and mental challenge, while inspiring trust and cooperation. Indoor rock gyms provide safety gear and harnesses, and often have a variety of courses to choose from so beginners and experienced climbers alike can find a challenge to suit them. Employees work together to climb to the top, much as they work together for the success of the company.

Team building - Rock Climbing

8. Trapeze Flying

Your employees are already great at juggling their responsibilities, so why not learn some new circus arts? Flying on the giant trapeze takes strength, courage, and trust. While learning how to swing from the trapeze, employees will have a chance to cheer their coworkers on, helping one another overcome their fears.

9. Segway Tours

Being a tourist in your own city presents employees with an opportunity to learn more about their environment and each other. With a Segway Tour, employees can enjoy the unique experience of riding a Segway while exploring an already-familiar area. Local tours also give employees who may be new to the area a chance to learn and ask questions about their new home.

Team building - Segway Tours

10. Mini-Golf

More than skill, mini-golf relies on perseverance and a sense of humor to make it through all the presented obstacles. Employees will laugh—and struggle—as they wind their way through the windmill, over the bridge, and through silly challenges along the way. Mini-golf offers some light competition and the opportunity to cheer on the colleague who scored the elusive hole-in-one.

11. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer, an exciting and silly offshoot of traditional soccer, involves each employee climbing into their own large inflatable ball. Once inside, they can roll, bounce and bump their way across the field, trying to score goals. This fun team building activity will provide laughter and memories that can’t be beat.

Team building - Bubble Soccer

12. Batting Cage

Test your hand-eye coordination and release some tension by hosting a team building event at the batting cages. Employees take turns trying their hand at hitting some balls, while their coworkers relax, chat, and cheer each other on.

13. Wine and Paint

Creativity is a valuable skill, and a wine and paint class is an entertaining way to foster creative talents and a feeling of comradery. With classes led by a trained instructor, employees will be guided in making their own version of a painting you select while chatting and snacking on food and beverages. This relaxed atmosphere allows employees to get to know one another on a new level, and celebrate the similarities and differences as expressed in each unique painting created.

Team building - Paint Class

14. Room Escape Games

What would your employees do when locked together in a room, faced with obstacles, puzzles, and a strict time limit? With Room Escape Games, that’s exactly what happens. This team building activity puts a focus on the ability to work together to solve problems. The skills learned here will have many positive impacts on office cooperation and productivity.

15. Kayaking/Canoeing

For an exhilarating adventure requiring cooperation and teamwork, take the office kayaking or canoeing on a local river. Encourage employees to pair up with coworkers they don’t often work with to form new bonds of trust and cooperation, all while having fun in the water.

Team building - Kayaking/Canoeing

16. Sailing Tours

Getting out on the water offers a unique perspective on life, allowing employees the time to enjoy their surroundings and each other. Sailing tours explore local islands and landmarks, or you can opt for a fishing or whale watching experience. Whatever you choose, your employees are sure to have a good time out on the sea.

17. Coffee Making

Your employees are already used to connecting around the coffee pot, sharing bits of their personal lives and discussing clients while getting their caffeine. For your next company outing, take their shared love of coffee one step further with a coffee making seminar. From learning where coffee comes from, the different brewing methods, and how to make fancy coffee beverages at home and in the office, employees will leave with a better appreciation for their favorite beverage and carry their new-found knowledge back to the office. The break room will never be the same again!

Team building - Coffee Making

18. Improv Workshops

Improv workshops are great team building exercises, they challenge employees to let loose and fully embrace the scenarios placed before them. Filled with humor, improv workshops leave employees laughing, but also impart important verbal and non-verbal communication skills, improve focus, and inspire a group dynamic that carries back to the everyday office environment.

19. Archery

Success at the sport of archery takes a steady hand and good aim. For your next company outing, let employees try their hand at target shooting with a bow and arrow. Archery makes a great activity at a company picnic, fun for beginners and more experienced shooters alike. For some friendly competition that will help build team spirit, divide up into groups and see who can score the most points.

Team building - Archery

20. Trampoline Parks

Bouncing is a great way to relax and have some fun, and trampoline parks offer plenty of bounce. These large trampoline-covered areas are great for team building events where employees can bounce freely, do tricks, and play fun team building games.

21. Bartending Class

Who can make the perfect martini? In bartending class, employees gather to learn bartending skills including mixing the perfect drinks. Encourage employees to create their own signature cocktail and elect the favorite one to be the official company drink for future gatherings; or challenge employees to tend bar for their coworkers, engaging in the fast-paced customer service skills that will serve them well in the office.

Team building - Bartending Class

22. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a popular activity, exposing people to a variety of wines as they learn to identify the components, learn about wine pairings, and discover new preferences along the way. As a team building event, your employees will gain new knowledge while enjoying each other’s company. This shared learning experience will boost morale while providing a fun and relaxing afternoon.

Team building - Wine Tasting

23. Bowling

Stress often builds in the office, and bowling provides a release for the tension along with a healthy dose of laughter and some friendly competition. Encourage employees to dress up in vintage bowling clothes for added fun, or try black-light bowling for an entirely different atmosphere. From strikes to gutter balls, everyone is sure to have a good time and return to the office a more cohesive group.

Team building - Bowling

24. Roller Skating or Ice Skating

Skating is a fun team building event, getting employees out of the office and onto even—though slippery—footing. Roller skating and ice skating are fun team building activities that many will remember from their childhoods. It encourages employees to chat and help one another in small groups, while having fun watching the antics of their coworkers. Team building games, custom music selections, and catering can boost your typical office outing to a much-anticipated event.

25. Broomball

This sport from Canada is played on the ice, but without skates. Much like hockey, teams square off to get the puck into the goal, using rubber-tipped brooms to get it there. It’s a unique sport that’s sure to get everyone fired up and having fun—no skating talents required.

26. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding gets employees out into the great outdoors to learn about riding and caring for horses. Whether on trails or in a ring, horseback riding combines physical skill with trust and respect for other living creatures, for a unique team building event.

Team building - Horseback Riding

27. Treasure Hunt

Working towards a common goal is an important team skill. Send your employees out on a team treasure hunt, following clues around the office, building, or city to find a hidden prize. Teamwork will help speed the team to the reward.

28. Ceramic Painting Class

Ceramic painting is a rewarding and relaxing activity that will allow your employees to express their creativity and unique vision. A ceramic painting class is a great way to bring everyone together to learn a new skill and appreciate the talents of their coworkers.

Team building - Ceramic Painting Class

29. Murder Mystery

With a mix of acting, logic, and problem solving, murder mystery team building events get everyone in on the action. Each employee is given a role to play acting out a murder scenario. Over the course of the event, employees must work together to solve the mystery, while having lots of fun along the way.

30. Volunteer

Giving back to the community through volunteering is a rewarding way to unite employees towards a common goal. Spend time at the local soup kitchen, raise funds for a local hospital, or work on cleaning up the community to help the office grow as a team and in the community.

Team building - Volunteer

31. Team Sports

Team sports like softball and volleyball are a great way to bring the office together. Put together an office league with practices, and play against other offices and companies, or form two teams from the office for a fun game. Even those who don’t want to play will have a great time cheering on the teams.

32. Sports Games

Sports unite people like few other things can. For your next office team building event, take everyone out to a game to support the local team. Encourage employees to dress in team gear and watch the smiles and comradery grow as they root for the home team.

33. Professional Development Workshop

Learning together fosters healthy working relationships. Taking part in a professional development workshop will help teach new skills relevant to the job at hand, encouraging career growth. Employees will benefit personally and professionally.

Team building - Professional Development Workshop

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