7 Ways to Make Your Kid's Birthday Party Day More Special

You have the cake, the streamers, and the party favors ready to go. Your child's birthday is one of the most fun and exciting days of the year—for them and also for you! Now that the party is planned, you may be looking for a few ways to help make the party day extra special. Try these fun and unique party ideas for memories and smiles to last a lifetime.

Make Birthday Party Day More Special

1. Let the Countdown Begin

Every time your child becomes another year older, it's a huge milestone in his or her life. Make this transformation "official" with a New Year's Eve style countdown. Gather everyone together to count down from ten to one, finishing with a joyous "Happy Birthday!" Add to the excitement of the moment by throwing confetti, dropping balloons from the ceiling, or giving everyone noisemakers to blow. If your child was born around the time the party will be taking place, you could even plan for this moment to occur at the exact time of day that they first entered this world.

Countdown to Happy Birthday!

2. Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

Children usually take pride in what a "big kid" they are now that they are older and wiser. Show off your child's shiny new age anywhere you can—the candles on the cake, the number of balloons in a bunch, banners hanging on the wall, signs in the yard, etc. Have family and friends share "Top 10" style lists themed around your child, substituting their age for the number 10.

3. All Dressed Up and Ready to Party

The birthday party's theme plays a role in nearly everything you plan—from the invitations to the cake to the party games. Go all out by having every member of your family dress up as characters or objects related to the theme. Let your child take on the starring role while everyone else plays a supporting role.

Include a message on the invitations to encourage everyone to dress up, if they wish. Don't forget to have a few simple accessories on hand that anyone can easily throw on to be part of the fun. That way no one will feel left out. Getting all dressed up is sure to get everyone in the party spirit.

Dressed up party

4. Bunches of Balloons

Balloons go hand in hand with just about any party. Combine this with the fact that children absolutely adore them and you've got a winning idea for a birthday surprise. Once your child is in bed, sneak into their room with lots and lots of balloons. Give them time to fall deeply asleep so they won't hear you enter. Then place colorful balloons all around the room. You can use a mix of helium balloons and standard balloons to cover the ceiling, floor, and other flat surfaces.

If you know that your child will be disturbed and wake up regardless of how quiet you may be, you can easily modify the idea. Simply fill the hallway with balloons instead so that it's the first thing they will see when they open the door. Or you might want to fill the car or a closet with balloons that will come flying and tumbling out when your child opens the door.

Afraid that you'll miss the big moment? Stick your child's old baby monitor in the room so that you'll hear the first indications of them stirring. Then you'll know when it's time to rush to their room to see the look of sheer joy on their face as they discover their surprise.

Birthday party balloons

5. Just Say Yes

As a parent, you so often have to say no. On the day of their birthday party, just say yes to whatever your child asks for (within reason, of course). Your child will love getting to do (almost) anything they can imagine, and you'll enjoy this special opportunity to make all of their dreams come true. Children have such vivid imaginations that you're almost guaranteed to be completely surprised by something they come up with.

Maybe they will want to have cookies for breakfast. One morning without a well-balanced meal won't hurt them. Or maybe they will want everyone to refer to them as "your highness" or "your majesty." Just say yes and don't forget to do it with a smile! Letting your child choose the meals and activities for the day will make the day fun and special for the whole family.

6. Gifts Around the Clock

Opening presents is one of the most anticipated moments of a birthday party—so why wait? Start by placing a wrapped package at their seat at the breakfast table. Then every hour after that, present them with a new gift. These presents can be elaborate or as simple as a pack of stickers or new crayons. Typically, it is best to start with smaller gifts that gradually get bigger, saving the thing they've wanted the most for them to open during the birthday party.

These hourly gifts will give your child something fun and exciting to play with while you're finishing up the final touches on the party. It's also a great way to help younger children understand and keep track of just how much longer they have to wait until their much-anticipated party. Set a timer to countdown until the next present time, so that your child doesn't have to ask repeatedly about when their next present will arrive.

Gifts Around the Clock

7. Decorating the Car

Decorating the windows of your car is a fun way to acknowledge your child's birthday. Window paints are easy to find, easy to use, loads of fun, and easy to wash off when your child's birthday is over. If you have more that one child, get their siblings involved in the decorating process. This is a great way for them to help make their brother or sister's day that much more special.

When you really try to make your child's birthday party one of a kind, not only are you giving them an awesome day to enjoy—you are also creating special and wonderful memories to last them a lifetime.

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