Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for
At Home Birthday Parties

When choosing a venue for the birthday party, don't forget about the perfect party location that's right under your nose: hosting the party at your house. Your home is a blank canvas that can be decorated to fit practically any party theme. One great way to add fun and excitement to any at-home birthday party is to bring in local party companies and entertainers. When hosting a birthday party at your house, here are a few awesome birthday party ideas you can use:

Birthday party ideas for at home party

Radical Reptiles Party

Most children love animals--and for many kids, reptiles are particularly impressive and cool. Bring the party to life by contacting a local reptile party entertainment company to come to your home with actual live reptiles. Typically these companies will start with a demonstration of all of the reptiles they have brought with them, providing facts and answering questions. After the reptiles party presentation, the children will usually have the chance to interact closer with the animals by holding or petting them. This up-close reptile encounter is bound to be a hit for all ages.

The Birthday Party Train

All aboard the Birthday Party Express! Next stop: the perfect at-home birthday party! When selecting entertainment for your child's birthday party at your house, a train rental company is a great option you may not have ever thought of. These companies will usually bring a "trackless" train to your house that can drive almost anywhere. They will drive around, carrying happy guests as passengers. The train can be used to enhance countless birthday party themes, such as a circus theme, a travel or adventure theme, a transportation theme, and more.

The Super Science Birthday Party Experiment

Science is a fascinating subject, especially when kids can get their hands dirty and witness an experiment take place right before their eyes. A mobile science birthday party lab can bring all of the equipment you need right to your doorstep. In this interactive learning experience, no theory will be left untested. The children will be much too busy having fun to realize that they are learning real science principles and lessons at the same time. What an amazing way to celebrate your child's birthday and reinforce what they're learning in the classroom.

Flying to New Heights

What's that up in the sky? Is it a plane? A superhero? No, it's actually a bird! Hosting a live bird show in your backyard is one way to make your child's birthday party extra special. This amazing spectacle will delight both the children and adults as these trained birds perform amazing feats. These party shows involve numerous stunts, such as birds talking, singing, and swooping right over the audiences' heads. Due to the involvement of live animals, every birthday party birds show is a unique experience that can never be duplicated. A live bird show is undoubtedly a memorable way to celebrate a birthday party.

Birthday Party Magic

All you need is one magic word to delight and amaze your birthday party guests - "abracadabra." Birthday party magicians can make the seemingly impossible happen right in your backyard. And not only will the guests be enchanted by the magic tricks, they'll also have a front row seat and will have the opportunity to take part in the act too. It's simply something you'll have to see to believe.

The Perfect Princess Party

The "princess phase" is a childhood right of passage for most little girls. They become enchanted by the princess lifestyle: beautiful gowns, huge palaces, and of course, a fairy tale ending. Princess entertainment party companies bring the princesses in your daughter's favorite movies and books to life. That princess character will come right to her birthday party at your house to celebrate alongside your daughter. Of course, you favorite princess will be wearing her regal attire as she sings, dances, and interacts with the birthday girl and party attendees.

A Superhero Birthday Party

It's no secret that we all wish we had superhuman powers. It's fun to imagine what it might be like to fly or have super strength. Imagine how star struck your child would be if he could meet his favorite superhero face to face. Thanks to party entertainment companies, you can make that dream come true. A special superhero visit to your home can transform any birthday party into a super party. Your child will never forget the interactions they have with their hero.

A Birthday Party Sing-a-Long

"Happy Birthday" doesn't have to be the only song you sing at your child's birthday party. Get the guests singing along and dancing to the beat of local party musicians. Imagine the excitement that will fill your living room when it serves as the stage for live party entertainment. The song selection can be adjusted to fit the age range attending the party, as well as the party theme and your child's preferences. Your child will never forget attending their very first concert - right in their own home.

A Perfectly Crafted Party

Kids today live in a busy world filled with bright, flashing gadgets. Show them how much fun it can be to "unplug" for awhile while enjoying a crafting themed birthday party. This simple introduction to a new skill just might be the beginning of a lifelong hobby. You don't even need to be crafty yourself. Some companies will bring all of the supplies needed to teach the children crafting skills such as sewing, knitting, or construction.

Pamper Spa Birthday Party

Everyone deserves a pampering session now and then--even children. Give everyone the chance to relax by hosting a "spa day" birthday party in your home. Mobile spa party companies will bring everything needed for a relaxing day. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Services may include facial masks, mini manicures, mini pedicures, and more.

Time for Tea

Few things are more elegant than sipping a cup of tea. Hosting a tea party is a fun way to celebrate your child's birthday. Setting up for a tea party birthday celebration is easy. Many traveling tea party companies will bring everything they need along with them, including the furniture, china, and food. During the party, the children can learn about proper tea party manners. They may also pick up tips on cooking and serving along the way.

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