Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Girls Birthday Party Themes

The party planning process has begun for your daughter's birthday party and you're ready to check the first thing off the "to do" list—choosing the party's theme. But what theme should you choose? One of these ten favorite birthday party themes for girls just might be the answer you're looking for.

1. Fancy Tea Party

Put on your finest clothes and stick out your pinkie finger, because the birthday girl is hosting a fancy tea party. Despite the formal setting, simplicity is often elegance. All you really need is a tablecloth to put on each table and perhaps a small vase of flowers to serve as a centerpiece. It's perfectly fine to have different patterns of china on the same table. This is commonly seen in actual tea rooms and only adds to the ambiance.

If you really want to give your little girl an authentic tea party experience, one of the easiest ways to do so is to hire a local tea party hostess. The hostess will come to your house or party place to manage the tea party. Thanks to her experience, you can know that everything will go perfectly. Frequently, the hostess will bring all of the china and supplies necessary for the party. She may even provide the food as well.

At the end of the party, send each guest home with their very own tea cup to remember this special affair. Stick a satchel of tea inside the cup for them to enjoy later. You could also add a small flower or tissue paper to add color to the gift.

2. An Art-y Birthday Party

Inspire your daughter's creativity by giving her an art themed birthday party. One of the best things about an art party is how much fun they are to decorate. You can use the entire rainbow of bright, bold colors to brighten up the party space. Plan several art projects for the children to create during the party and take home afterwards. You should also pick one project that everyone works on together for the birthday girl to keep, such as decorating a t-shirt, drawing on a pillow case, or painting a mural. For party favors, send each little artist home with a goody bag of art supplies—crayons, watercolors, and more.

An artist's palette makes the perfect birthday cake at an art themed party. Start by baking a large, round cake. Once the cake is cool, cut out the thumb hole and hand indentation to create the shape of a palette. Cover the entire cake in white or light brown icing. With a large, round piping tip, add small swirls of different colors of icing to represent paint.

3. The Perfect Princess Party

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess someday. With a princess birthday party, you can make her dream come true for one day. The first step to getting your little princess ready for her party is helping her find the perfect princess dress. She might want to dress just like her favorite princess character. Or she may want to pick her own special fancy party dress. To help her really feel like a princess, give her a tiara to wear during the party. You can also add other princess accessories like jewelry, sashes, or a cape to complete the outfit. Remember to always refer to her as "your highness."

When decorating, incorporate as many classic fairy tale elements as possible. Find a big tin soldier to guard the front door. Play majestic classical music quietly in the background to set the royal tone. Serve a birthday cake shaped like your daughter's dream castle. Construct a tower made out of balloons in the corner. Drape sheer pieces of fabric from the ceiling for a flowing, regal feel.

If your daughter is already having this much fun pretending to be a princess, imagine how excited she would be to have an actual princess come to her party. Find and hire your daughter's favorite princess on BirthdayMasters. Kids entertainment companies will send an entertainer to your party dressed like a specific princess character. The actress will stay in character as she interacts with the kids. She may tell them a story, sing with them, or play games with them. This princess is guaranteed to be the star of the party. Your daughter will remember this special moment forever.

4. Yeehaw, It's Your Birthday!

Put on some boots and a bandana to celebrate your cowgirl's birthday western style. Decorating for a cowgirl party is easy—just fill your home with cowgirl hats, lassos, plush cows, milk jugs, and other cowgirl accessories. Or you could even host the party outside at a local farm. At many farms, you may have the chance to visit and pet farm animals or go for a ride on real horses.

Spending the day in the Wild West gives you plenty of opportunities for fun birthday party games and activities. Play classic games like horseshoes, toss balls to knock over a stack of empty cans, or play ring toss using milk bottles painted with cow spots. Try your hand at roping cows using a lasso and a large plush cow. You could also play using a bale of hay with a horse on a stick toy stuck inside of it.

During the party, take old western style pictures of every child using a sepia filter. Print out a "Wanted" poster that lists their "crimes," such as "having too much fun playing horseshoes" or "winning the game of ring toss" to send home with them.

5. Underwater Mermaid Adventure

Let your daughter flip her fins with a mermaid themed birthday party. Place a balloon arch with blue and white balloons at the entrance so that it feels as though you are diving in to explore the underwater adventure. You can tie bunches of the balloons all around to simulate bubbles. Trading your everyday light bulbs out with blue ones can also add to the underwater effect. Place small toy fish, crabs, seahorses, and other aquatic life on top of the tables. For centerpieces, simply fill clear flower vases with a mixture of sand and seashells.

For the birthday cake, serve white cupcakes or petits fours topped with colored chocolate seashells. Or you could serve a sandcastle birthday cake. Bake two to four round cakes in varying sizes and stack them on top of each other from large to small. Cover the entire cake in white icing, then pat ground graham crackers all over to become the sand. Use seashells and small flags to decorate the sandcastle. Put a small bucket, pail, and a pair of sunglasses beside the cake.

Messages in a bottle make adorable party favors at a mermaid birthday party. Fill small bottles with a small amount of colored sand and tiny seashells. Roll up a personalized note from the birthday girl, thanking guests for coming to her birthday party. Stick the note inside the bottle and then top it with a cork. Tie tags around the bottles' necks so the guests will know which bottle is theirs. The guests will appreciate reading the individualized letters, and will have a nice decoration for their homes too.

6. Happy Bee-Day

Celebrate your daughter's bee-day this year with a bee-autiful bee birthday party. Watch the guests buzz around the party by giving everyone their own pair of bee antennas. Twist two black pipe cleaners onto a standard plastic headband. Roll the top into a spiral to create a ball at the top of each antenna.

When decorating the party room, pick bright, spring colors with accents of yellow and black. Use flower vases with real or artificial flowers for the centerpieces, hiding a small bee cutout on the petals. Suspend bee figurines or plush dolls from the ceiling with fishing wire to create the illusion that bees are buzzing around the party.

Musical flowers is a fun musical chairs party game to play at a bee themed party. Before the party begins, decorate each chair to look like a flower. There are many ways you could do this, such as taping a large flower made out of construction paper to each seat (laminating it can help it last longer), attaching silk flowers to each seat back, or looping large ribbon all around the seat back to look like petals. As the music plays, everyone will buzz to and fro around the flowers. Whenever the music stops, all of the bees have to land on a flower.

7. Just a Little Pixie Dust

If your little girl believes in fairies, make her birthday party magical with just a little pixie dust. Fairy parties are perfectly suited for being held outside in a garden. If you prefer to host the party inside, decorate with pastel pinks and greens with floral accents.

Clear holiday lights can really add to the atmosphere at a fairy birthday party. You can drape them around doorways and arches or let them hang from the ceilings and walls. They can also be used to decorate tables. Stuff a strand inside of a clear mason jar to create an illuminated centerpiece that is sure to enchant and delight. You can hide the electrical cord using flowers or fairy cutouts.

During the party, teach everyone how to make paper fairy hairbands. Cut out from paper long rectangle, then roll it loosely to form a circular tube. This doesn't have to be very neat; in fact, it looks better if the paper is a bit crinkled. Secure the loose edge with a bit of clear tape, then wrap green rafia around the tube to represent vines. Help the children hot glue artificial flowers to the hairband and attach a few long pieces of ribbon at the back to flow down their hair. It only takes a few minutes for the hot glue to dry before the hairbands are ready to be worn.

Every fairy needs a magic wand. Have each child fill a star shaped metal cookie cutter with pony beads. Clear and glitter beads look best. Bake the stars in the oven for about 10 minutes. Allow it to cool completely before popping it out of the frame. Use a hot glue gun to attach a short dowel rod.

8. The Sweetest Party of All

They say that little girls are made of sugar and spice. Appeal to her sweet tooth by throwing a candy themed birthday party. The highlight of the party is the candy buffet. Fill serving trays and jars with chocolate, caramels, bubblegum, and other sweet treats. At the end of the table, fill a tall flower vase with large, colorful lollipops. Using ribbon, attach a thank you card to each lollipop and hand them out as party favors.

Styrofoam can be used to make larger than life candy decorations for the party. Use spray paint to transform the styrofoam into colorful lollipops and mints. Painted dowel rods or PVC pipe can be used as sticks for the suckers. Once the paint has dried, use cellophane to wrap the candy.

Let your daughter try her hand at making her own candy by teaching everyone how to make truffles. These delicious, decadent bites are simple enough for even the littlest of chocolatiers to make. Before the guests arrive, melt chocolate, cream, vanilla extract, and butter to create a ganache. Pour the ganache into a large baking sheet and refrigerate for at least two hours. During the party, take out the ganache and cut it into 1 inch squares. Let the children roll the truffles by hand and dip them into fun toppings like cocoa powder, cookie crumbs, coconut, or melted chocolate. Have small candy boxes ready so everyone can take their truffles home to enjoy.

9. A Birthday Carnival

Everyone loves a fun day at the carnival. Recreate the experience in a park or your own backyard by giving your daughter a carnival themed birthday party. Print off "admission tickets" to send out as party invitations, including all of the party information on the back. Set up a "ticket booth" at the party's entrance with signs proclaiming that "admission is free today!" and wishing the birthday girl a happy birthday.

Keep the guests entertained by setting up plenty of carnival style games. Classic ideas would be a ring toss, a duck fishing pond, and a bean bag throw. You can also include racing events, such as a potato sack race or an egg race. Inflatable bounce houses are a favorite of almost every child. You can also rent cotton candy and popcorn machines to serve freshly made snacks between the game rounds. Find party rentals on BirthdayMasters.

Live performers are an excellent addition to a carnival themed birthday party. Hire clowns to put on a show and make everyone roll in the grass laughing. Live stunt performers or magicians will perform a spectacular show that will amaze everyone. Or bring in live animal entertainment to perform tricks you have to see to believe. Anything can happen at the carnival, so your possibilities really are endless here. Research party entertainers in your area to discover what types of unique performers could come to your daughter's party.

10. Spa Day Party

Pamper your daughter this year with her own spa birthday party. Invite guests to bring their bathrobes and come for a day of rest and relaxation. Ask a few relatives or older siblings to help make your daughter and her friends feel completely comfortable. Set the tone at the party by playing soothing instrumental music quietly in the background.

There are so many ways to pamper the guests at a spa party. You could paint their nails, style their hair, give them a makeover, let them use a facial mask, soak their feet in a big bucket, or use good smelling lotions. Place small bowls of snacks around so everyone can munch on chocolate, pretzels, and other finger foods while enjoying their "spa treatments." Serve fruit smoothies with cute straws to sip at.

After the pampering session, indulge in some of your daughter's favorite foods like pizza and chocolate cake. At the end of the party, hand out party favors for at home pampering. Fill goody bags with small luxurious spa items like nail polish, hand creams, an eye mask, or nail stickers.