Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Boys Birthday Party Themes

Choosing the perfect party theme is the first step to planning kids’ birthday party. Listed below are ten favorite birthday party themes for boys, complete with party ideas to inspire you and help you get started planning your son's party.

1. Shark Attack!

What little boy wouldn't love to sink their teeth into a shark themed beach birthday party? Get your guests in the mood by sending out surfboard shaped birthday invitations. Don't forget to cut a shark bite mark off of one edge! Encourage everyone to wear their favorite beach attire—board shorts, sarongs, flip flops, and more. For party decorations, pick party supplies in bright colors and Hawaiian inspired prints. To help create the ambiance, have surf style music playing in the background.

Cupcakes are a very popular trend right now for birthday cakes. Shark fin cupcakes are easy to make and are incredibly cute too. Top any flavor of cupcake with a swirl of blue buttercream icing. For a more realistic wave look, put one or two streaks of white icing in the bag before piping to simulate the crest of the waves. Then stick a triangular piece in the center to be the shark's fin emerging above the surface. This could be a plastic cupcake topper, a piece of chocolate, or a cookie. Blue Jell-o in clear plastic cups is another fun idea for a party snack. Before the gelatin sets completely, stick a gummy fish or shark inside the "water".

Sharks and Minnows is a classic kids game that would be perfect at a shark themed birthday party. Although traditionally played in a swimming pool, it could also be played outside in a similar fashion to tag. Pin the Fin on the Shark is another adaption of a birthday party classic. Or you could play "Avoid the Shark," a variation of musical chairs. Each child pretends to be a fish and "swims" around the chairs. The child left standing once the music stops is captured by the shark.

2. Under the Big Top

Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth! Who is the ringmaster of this circus? The birthday boy, of course! The most important part of a circus party is recreating the feeling of being underneath the famous big top. If the party is at an outdoor party venue, this can be done using event tent rental. For an indoor party place, use streamers or strips of fabric to represent the tent. Tack the pieces in the center of the ceiling (this is easiest on a light fixture or fan), then allow them to sag a little before tacking them to the walls and letting them flow to the floor. Inside the circus tent, arrange round tables in groups of three to represent the three ring circus.

Use bunches of balloons to bring party theme color to the space. Circuses typically stick to the bright, primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. Gather as many stuffed animals as you can to place all around the room—the bigger, the better. Imagine the thrill the children will get when they see all of the lions, tigers, and bears—oh my!

Party entertainment can really take a circus birthday party to the next level, so send in the clowns. When you hire clowns to come to your kid's birthday party, they will visit the party to put on a short show, interact individually with the children, juggle, or make balloon animals. No matter what type of entertainment they offer, everyone at the circus themed party is guaranteed to end up smiling.

3. A Birthday Mystery

Your son's birthday party is here, but someone has "stolen" the birthday cake! Who would do such a thing? Put your little super sleuth to work at his very own detective birthday party. On the birthday party invitation, use big question marks and magnifying glasses to set the tone. Introduce the mystery on the invitation to intrigue your party guests and invite them to come help you figure out "who did it?" at the party.

When the party begins, give everyone a handheld magnifying glass. Let the birthday boy wear a detective's trench coat and fedora. Remind everyone that they must always be on the lookout for clues, as you have a big mystery to solve. Tell them that in order to solve the problem, they must work together. Send the group out on a scavenger hunt to find the missing birthday cake. For larger parties, you can divide the children into smaller groups to solve different parts of the problem. One group could find the cake while the other figures out the culprit. Adults and older siblings can play along as the suspects.

Once the mystery has been solved, reward the detectives for their hard work by serving the now found birthday cake. Finish up by playing a fun game to test how keen the kids' eyes are. Show everyone a platter with a random assortment of objects on it. After everyone has looked at it for a minute, have them close their eyes while you remove one object. See how long it takes for them to determine which item has gone missing.

4. Superhero for the Day

Superhero birthday parties are a classic boy's birthday party theme. Boys tend to look up to and admire superheroes. Let them fulfill their fantasies by becoming superheroes for the day at your son's superhero birthday party. You can theme the party directly after your son's absolute favorite superhero or do a party that salutes them all. If you have chosen to incorporate multiple characters into the party, you could serve a tiered birthday cake with each layer decorated to represent a different superhero.

When the children arrive for the party, attach a cape to their shirt using safety pins. Have each child fill out a badge to wear during the party that tells their superhero name and super power. Provide masks and other superhero gadgets and accessories to allow the kids to complete their superhero costume.

Party entertainers can come to your child's party dressed as their favorite superhero character such as Superman, Spiderman, or Batman. As the superhero entertainer interacts with the kids, you will have some amazing photo opportunities. Your son will never forget the time when he got to meet his hero in real life.

5. The Great Outdoors

If your son loves the great outdoors, then he will love having a camping sleepover birthday party. The fun begins inside with the birthday cake and presents. Use camping related accents to portray the theme, such as camping lanterns, canteens, and pine cones. This will allow anyone who isn't planning on spending the night to still celebrate with your son.

Once it starts turning dark outside, head out to tents pitched in your backyard. Gather around the campfire to enjoy story telling, singing (don't forget to sing happy birthday!), and roasting marshmallows before going to bed. Make sure there is at least one adult in each tent so the children feel safe and secure.

The following morning, wake everyone up to a campfire breakfast of the birthday boy's favorite foods. Once you're done eating, line everyone up for a hike through the woods. Put adults at the front and back of the line to keep everyone together. Let your son choose where to go.

6. Soaring to New Heights

Like an airplane soaring high in the sky, your son's birthday is a huge step in his life. This upcoming year he will learn and discover new things. Give him wings to fly with an airplane themed birthday party.

Make the cake table one of the highlights of the party by creating your son's very own airport. Start by laying a piece of artificial turf to serve as the tablecloth. Using paper or poster board, cut strips to represent the runways. Place several small planes on the runways and grass fields. One really fun idea is to have a plane actually taking off from the table. Suspend a plane using clear string attached to the tail and nose. Make sure the nose is pointing towards the sky and that it is "flying" high enough to not interfere with the food service.

For the birthday cake, there are a few ideas you could use. One option is to create a 3-D cake shaped like a large jet or your son's favorite airplane. Another idea is to make an Air Traffic Control cake for the airport. Cover a rectangular cake with brown or gray icing, then pipe on some windows and label the building. A cake stand is an easy way to transform the building into a tower.

At the beginning of the party, let every child design their very own airplane. Balsa wood is easy to work with. Because it is lightweight, yet sturdy, balsa wood airplanes fly very well and last a long time. For younger children, pick out pre-cut airplanes and let them decorate them with paint, markers, or stickers. For older children, give them a rectangular piece of wood and let them use pencils to create a completely customized design. Have an adult cut out and assemble the airplanes. At the end of the party, present each child with the airplane that they designed and give them a set of pilot wings.

7. Digging in Dinoland

Get ready, because it's time to go searching for ancient dinosaur bones at your son's birthday party. Tape paper dinosaur footprints walking all around the party room as a reminder of the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. Use newspaper to make large paper mache dinosaur bones to prop up in the corners and on tables. Your local science discovery center would make a great destination for a fossil birthday party. They might even have actual dinosaur bones in an exhibit for everyone to see during the party.

No fossil party would be complete without letting the kids go on a dig for fossils. Sandboxes with plastic bones hidden inside work well for this. Give them small shovels, small brushes, and magnifying glasses to help them explore and discover. Remind them that real paleontologists work together and must dig slowly so they do not damage the artifacts.

Another fossil digging activity is to let the children excavate a chocolate chip cookie. Crunchy prepackaged cookies work best for this, as they will withstand the digging better than a soft, chewy cookie. All you need is a chocolate chip cookie, a toothpick, and a magnifying glass for each child. Demonstrate how to scratch the surface using the toothpick to free the fossils, aka chocolate chips. Afterward, the kids can enjoy their yummy discoveries.

8. Happy Bug Birthday

Digging in the dirt to find bugs is something almost every little boy loves doing, so it's not a surprise they'd love a bug birthday party. For a centerpiece, blow up several green balloons and tape them together with clear tape. Using a permanent marker, draw a face on the first balloon and write "Happy Birthday" and your son's name, putting one letter on each balloon. For party favors, fill clear bug houses with several small, plastic bug toys.

Ants on a log is a healthy snack that you could serve. Cut pieces of celery about 3 inches long, then fill the center with peanut butter or cream cheese. Place raisins on top to represent the ants. Dirt cups are a favorite bug-themed dessert. Fill clear glasses with chocolate pudding, sticking a gummy worm in the center. Cover the top with crumbled chocolate cookies.

Go outside to host the Great Bug Race. Line everyone up at the starting line and announce the bug for the race. When you say "go," everyone should race to the finish line while moving like that bug. Repeat several times, choosing a new bug for each round. They could march like an ant, squirm like a worm, crawl like a spider, or flutter like a butterfly.

9. Sports Star

Sports themed birthday parties are always a favorite for little boys. Parties that are themed after one particular sport are always fun, but if you want to try something a little bit different, host a sports party that celebrates all sports in one grand event. On the party invitation, ask everyone to wear t-shirts, hats, and other apparel from their favorite teams and athletes. For the birthday cake, decorate a tiered cake so that each layer represents a different sports ball. This same idea would also work for decorating cake pops or cupcakes.

Mixed-Up Sports is a fun game that will keep everyone laughing while they play. Have the children play some of their favorite sports. The catch is that they have to play it with the ball or equipment of a different sport. Try bouncing a tennis ball like a basketball. Or maybe play football with a kickball. Go bowling by kicking a soccer ball towards the pins. Award small ribbons or trophies to everyone for being the best Mixed-Up Sports athletes in the world.

10. An Out of This World Party

Blast off into outer space at your son's birthday party. One of the great things about a space party is that it can range from incredibly realistic and scientific to adorably fun with little green aliens. Whichever way you decide to go with it, try hosting the party in the evening so you can enjoy stargazing with a telescope.

To make outer space tablecloths for the party, you need black fabric tablecloths, acrylic paint, and a few paint brushes. Spread out the tablecloths outside or in your garage and splatter white paint on them. For bigger splotches, fling the brush towards them using your wrist. For smaller spots, slowly run your finger across the top of the bristles. You can leave the star fields plain or paint planets on them by hand.

You can reuse this paint at the party by letting the guests paint styrofoam balls to make a planet. Don't forget to have plenty of old shirts on hand so the kids don't ruin their clothes while they work. These planets may take a while to dry, so it's a good idea to have boxes ready to hold them safely on the ride home.