Birthday Party Themes

Choosing the perfect party theme is the first step to planning kids' birthday party.

In order to plan your child's birthday party, you have to start somewhere—and usually that first step is to select the party theme you will use. From classic and popular themes to completely unique theme ideas you've probably never thought of before, the possibilities are practically endless.

Almost every little girl dreams of visiting magical fantasy lands and living like royalty. That is why a princess themed birthday party is such a popular choice. Or create a magical undersea world for her to explore at a mermaid themed birthday party. Or get everyone buzzing about her adorable bee themed birthday party. Live a day in the Wild West at a cowgirl themed birthday party. Check out our favorite birthday party themes for girls.

Many of the best birthday party themes for boys give them a chance to play, explore, and probably get a little bit muddy too. Let him dig in the sandbox for fossils at a dinosaur themed birthday party. Give him a bug themed birthday party inspired by the creepy crawly creatures that fascinate him. Send him searching for clues as he solves the great birthday caper at a mystery themed birthday party. Show him nature's beauty with a great outdoors themed birthday party.

Whichever theme you end up selecting for your son's or daughter's next birthday party, you can find tons of ideas for the invitations, games, activities, birthday cake, and more. With the theme as your inspiration, now you can get creative and have fun with the party planning process!