Kids' Birthday Party Games

Kids love to play games, and party games are a great way to liven up a birthday party.

You have the birthday cake, the party decorations, and the food — what could be missing? Fun activities for kids! Boys and girls love to play games, and party games are a great way to liven up your child's next birthday party celebration. With friendly competition, these fun games will keep the kids laughing from start to finish.

Once your guests have arrived, it's time to get your kid's birthday party underway. A great way to introduce the kids to each other is to play any of the popular ice-breaker games. To fill time between the cake and the gifts, indoor party games for kids can bring the group together with laughter, fun, and some friendly competition that keeps the birthday party rolling.

If you planning a backyard party or party in the park, outdoor party games are a great way to get children working together, laughing, and having a great time. With so many game ideas to choose from, the fun never has to end.

Classic kids' party games are very popular and is simple entertainment that can be implemented in any party theme. You can also try some of the traditional children’s party games at your next birthday party.

One great thing about birthdays is that they come every year. While your parties probably carry over some elements from year to year, changing the theme, adding the decorations, and the party games can add variety that will keep the kids laughing at small parties or big group events. To better plan your party activities read some of the "Tips for Successful Game Leader".